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Organizations large and small are inundated with data about consumer choices. But that wealth of information does not always translate into better decisions. Knowing how to interpret data is the challenge -- and marketers in particular are increasingly expected to use analytics to inform and justify their decisions. Marketing analytics enables marketers to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Beyond the obvious sales and lead generation applications, marketing analytics can offer profound insights into customer preferences and trends, which can be further utilized for future marketing and business decisions. This course gives you the tools to measure brand and customer assets, understand regression analysis, and design experiments as a way to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns. You'll leave the course with a solid understanding of how to use marketing analytics to predict outcomes and systematically allocate resources. For more information on marketing analytics, you may visit; You can also follow my posts in Twitter, @rajkumarvenk, and on linkedin;

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May 11, 2020

Great course.Coursera provides wonderful opportunity for analytics learners through the course.Well designed course packed with assignments.Just Loved every lessons of the course.Thank you Coursera.☺


May 08, 2020

This was a good and challenging course. It really gave me the basic foundations of marketing.\n\nIt challenged me to think and I enjoyed the projects that were incorporated to give hands on training.

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por Stefano A M

Jun 15, 2017

basic. Not advanced enough no real analysis to be done. no hands on activity

the whole course can be summarised with little more then the 3/4 fomula's cheatsheet + few slides +a bit of common sense.

The level is similar to a 1st year marketing major bachelor degree.

por Manish T

Apr 19, 2016

Good theoretical knowledge. The program create awareness about Marketing analytics, The program could be improved with more detailed examples across different industry. It would be logical to have a part 2 where theory is applied for practical learning.


Jun 30, 2018

A very good course. If you are a beginner, excellent knowledge gain. If you are a veteran, brilliant refreshing of important concepts and key market indicators. In short, a course worth doing.

por Khanh P

Aug 12, 2019

I have reached week 4 of this class, and so far, this class has helped me a lot. It's not an intensive class, but for a beginner like me, this provides me with an overall grasp of the field.

por Abdul K

Jul 22, 2019

I am really happy and proud of myself to having completed this course which i really anticipated to finish. It gave me an insight into how various tools and guidelines are being made use of by marketers to measure or assess the effectiveness of marketing spends. The concepts of Brand Personality, Marketing Experiments, ways of conducting marketing analytics, regression analysis have all added a whole new dimension to my understand of Marketing. As a sales professional i can only say that i feel enriched and blessed to be able to learn so much in such a simple and fun way without the need to shell out huge money.

por Md. S A M A

Apr 19, 2020

It is a fantastic course. Before taking this course I only thought that marketing is all about theoretical and survey based. After going through this course my outlook has changed. Marketing has so many analytical and mathematical issues like brand value calculation, regression analysis of marketing, customer life value calculation etc. All these analytics really provided me a better insights on marketing aspects. Special thanks to Professor Rajkumar Venkatesan, University of Virginia and Coursera for offering this course. Highly recommended to those who wants to learn marketing analytics.

por Breanna B

Nov 16, 2015

The course fails to clearly explain how to use so many of the formulas that the professor just glides over in class. The quiz was far harder than it should have been, mainly because the professor failed to properly introduce and teach students to use the formulas.

por M S

May 18, 2020

1.Excellent way of presentation of topics, i.e., minimum one minute and maximum 9 minutes are used for presentation.

2.Very clearly and to the point explanation with smiling face, which made us to listen properly and creates interest to search the google for value addition.

3.Course covers from the basic of marketing process to using simple, multiple, dummy variable regression and up to the log log regression clearly.

4. Mr. Rajkumar Venkatesan is an excellent teacher. He is the man of humble, positive and gentle attitude and teach the subject in joyful way.

Excellent course teacher

por Varun S T

May 12, 2020

An amazing course for anyone who wishes to know how analytics plays a role in various aspects of marketing. The modules centered around marketing process, branding , CLV , brand value and use of regression for marketing decisions were very informative and crisp. The quizzes and assignments were extremely useful to test and apply concepts learnt in modules . The instructor Raj and his team have done a great job in making this course.

por Mandeep G

Apr 10, 2020

This course lacked in depth and breadth of content. It was so light and basic, it took me 5 days to wrap it up

por Varun M

May 15, 2020

For a person, like me, Analytics has always been an integral part of my profession. Working on different Analytical Models and Data, I was always inclined towards Marketing Analytics. This course is well developed by Rajkumar Venkatesan Sir and has a wonderful syllabus too. I'm happy that I took the decision and enrolled myself in this course.

por Aninkan G

May 11, 2020

Great course.Coursera provides wonderful opportunity for analytics learners through the course.Well designed course packed with assignments.Just Loved every lessons of the course.Thank you Coursera.☺

por Sophia W

May 08, 2020

This was a good and challenging course. It really gave me the basic foundations of marketing.

It challenged me to think and I enjoyed the projects that were incorporated to give hands on training.

por Pradeep E

Mar 25, 2018

I have learnt a lot. Thanks a Lot to Mr.Rajkumar Venkatesan. Very clear explanation on each and every concept. I have learnt how to apply in real time with the real time data. Great Learning.

por neeraj s

Apr 14, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. full of knowledge. Thanks Rajesh sir, for preparing this course

por Malik T

May 05, 2020

The instructor was extremely hard to understand at times due to his accent, and I personally feel topics could've been explained more thoroughly and clearly for easier understanding for the students.

por Jeffrey T Y

May 17, 2020

Very insightful course. Thank you very much Coursera and University of Virginia Darden School of Business for this learning opportunity with your Coursera Together initiative. Professor Rajkumar is really an expert and a great instructor. He made the learning valuable and enjoyable. The squash thing is so humorous and definitely a sign that here we are again with numbers! Haha! With regards to the syllabus, it really discussed about the fundamentals of Marketing Analytics and the level of difficulties as basis of the sequencing of the lessons is very ideal. Simplified learning of regression analysis and practical application. Marketing Design Experiment concepts. The activities/assignments let me applied what I've learned. It was awesome. Recommended to everyone who wants to learn Marketing Analytics and use it in their Sales and Marketing projects, campaigns and investments. Worth it!

por Ma. A S

Jan 09, 2017

The course was very informative and is easy to follow. The professor has a lot of case studies which shows he is a marketing practitioner and shares real/sample cases that help you better understand the concepts taught (not just theoretically). He also supplemented the class with interview/talks with professionals who make use of ROI, Media Attribution and Data collection and they share their advise to students from their own experience. I truly enjoyed this course and learned so much. I have recommended it to my friends who are market research/consumer insight practitioners.

por Nilesh B

Apr 30, 2020

This course taken by Prof. Venkatesan is really good. I learnt How to calculate brand value, CFM and to structure a marketing experiment before and after the lauch of the product. The regression module could have had a little elaborated since many one doesn't possess a huge knowledge about regression. The interviews of eminent marketing personalities were also helpful to gather a lot of knowledge like the implementation of data analytics in this field. the overall course is very good and the teaching style is impressive. Thank you.

por Maumita P

May 17, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I now have clear concepts regarding marketing, brand asset evaluator, brand architecture, designing marketing experiments and regressions. The course has very impeccably integrated the analytics aspect with the core marketing concepts. Also, a big shoutout to Professor Venkatesan for delivering the lectures in such a fun manner, Loved the addition of squash in every quantitative episode. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in marketing .

por Roberto E D L P

May 07, 2020

This is a great course for someone that is getting marketing metrics classes for the first time. I think the best part was the week 5 final quiz. I really enjoyed the fact that the emphasis of the quiz was on understanding the ideas behind the numbers and not on doing endless calculations. I do understand that in order to master the subject you need to practice the math but before that you really need to understand the concept behind the numbers (this is extremely important in all math related issues).

por Rehenuma T

May 21, 2020

I enjoyed this course very much. I actually used to look forward for the next class after finishing one. This course will be helpful for a beginner like me to understand the basics of marketing analytics. Although I wish we could cover more (in details) in this course, this course cover everything it promised on it's intro. Mr. Rajkumar Venkatesan who is a very knowledgeable teacher made every class fun. I enjoyed his "Vegetable" classes most. Looking forward to do more courses/classes with him.

por Lisa D W

Mar 08, 2020

Great introduction to what goes into Marketing Analytics. The five-week course goes through different topics in an easy to understand manner; it gives a great basis to anyone who's interested in the topic. The quizzes and the two "essays" (one is creating a brand architecture for two different brands and comparing them, the other is designing a marketing experiment) were just difficult enough that you were forced to truly understand the course material before attempting them.

por Trina A L

May 24, 2020

I've learned a lot about marketing analytics in just 5 weeks and, though the topic is quite complex, it was an enjoyable and enlightening experience for me. For someone who can easily get lost in numbers, I was able to follow the computation thanks to Raj's step-by-step process. Sometimes, it could be confusing for me, especially if more numbers were presented, but I love that I could get back to the lessons several times for me to review and understand at my own pace.

por Mark R

Aug 24, 2016

I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to learn some high-level methods of assess a business' value, customer value and product value. The course also provided methods of measuring the bottom line contributions of previous, current and planned marketing campaigns; and approaches to A/B test these campaigns. Lastly, I would recommend purchasing the book that professor Raj Venkatesan co-wrote to gain a more complete understanding of Marketing Analytics.