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In this course, you will develop more advanced web application programming skills. You will learn how to control data read and write access using methods, publish and subscribe. You will learn how to access your database and server shells using command line tools. You will use the SimpleSchema system to validate data and generate input forms automatically. You will see a complete collaborative code editing environment, TextCircle, being built from scratch. At the end of this course, you will be able to: - use Meteor methods to control data write access - use publish and subscribe to control data read access - install and use advanced Meteor packages - add user accounts to your applications - implement complex MongoDB filters - use the MongoDB and meteor server shells - define data validations schemas using SimpleSchema - generate data input forms automatically using SimpleSchema In this course, you will complete: 2 programming assignments taking ~4 hours each to complete 4 quizzes, each taking ~20 minutes to complete multiple practice quizzes, each taking ~5 minutes to complete Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes...

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Jul 23, 2020

Dr. Matthew Yee-King is a good teacher. Although the course is hard because of lots of coding, he makes it easy to understand all lessons.\n\nA good course and a good learning experience, indeed.


Oct 02, 2017

manipulate application with multiple users is a really useful technical skills we should get, these courses contain how to add multiple users/documents/comments, that's really need to learn!

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por Francisco J F A

Feb 26, 2016

Great course!! It's really useful.

por Thelemaque D

Jan 12, 2016

Great cours !

por Nicola R A

Jan 12, 2016

Great Course

por Alejandro

Dec 20, 2015


por Ioannis G

Mar 26, 2016

I would prefer if the course lasted 6 weeks so we can get a better understanding in theory and practice every single bit of the code. It was a nice ride in general and I liked it. The last exercise was hard, it could have been a little easier.

por Eleonora R

Sep 14, 2018

Very well explained (really love the teacher!) however some of the functionalities do not work with recent version of the framework, making it very slow and difficult to follow the course through.

por lyheng

Feb 20, 2017

The previous 3 courses was pretty good, but the assignment is tooooooooo easy, and this course has lot of redundancy, which i think it is not necessary, but overall, i think it is good

por Lucas E S

Oct 14, 2017

Needs an update since meteor.js changed a lot since the course was developed

por Victor W

Sep 17, 2018

exercise made so easy

por Hong D D

Oct 02, 2020


por Name

Feb 17, 2017


por Arthur K

Feb 26, 2016

Only one assignment at the end, so you go through 3 weeks before being asked to code (this seems like a big mistake for any programming course). The final assignment gives you a largely complete project and just asks you to make a few changes. You can't put that as a project on a resume, because you're doing 5% of the work with your hand held through it.

Worst of all, the code given to you does not adhere to JavaScript best practices, like local variables not being declared (so that they become global variables, a big no-no), spacing being all over the place, etc. JavaScript has a bad reputation, and sloppy teaching with respect to best practices is very bad.

por Randy R

Jan 21, 2020

I found this course in the specialization to be only middling in quality. It's far too simplistic, given the three courses that precede it. But most of all, there are many examples and quiz questions that are based on the specific versions of Bootstrap and Meteor that were current when the course was created. In the case of the Bootstrap-related points, you actually get wrong answers if you reference current Bootstrap. Further, the peer-reviewed assignments rely on screenshots, and there is no way to view the screenshots full size. This makes judging most of the assignments next to impossible.

por Eduardo M T

Nov 01, 2016

Course is good, the reason I'm giving it a low rating is because it's a little redundant with course 3 "Introduction to Meteor.js Development". Some of the features covered in this course I researched on my own to create the final development project in Course 3. So no much value for me here.

por Krzysztof B

Jan 31, 2016

Review of documentation from meteorjs website.

Slow and boring course.

Last assignment is where something starts to be moving but that's the end of course :(

You could dive deep into Subscribe/Publish, what is below meteor(node.js) etc.

por Gonzagues J

Feb 01, 2016

This course was too repetitive compare to the previous course in the specialization.

por Christopher B

Jul 26, 2017

I worked very hard to overcome all of the obstacles in this module and the preceding one (Intro to Meteor). I've really enjoyed the format and instructors, but these recent modules feature a spectrum of difficulties brought on by the dated nature of the module, and a sudden disconnect between the practice material and the knowledge expected in the review exercises. Every week was another mess to dig out of without knowing how to dig or being able to find useful resources for the unique issues. Solutions were usually lucked into rather than understood. I've been a good sport about putting the work in and taking it as-is because it probably reflects some of the challenges of being in the field, but I've finally broken - why is this course such a neckache? I love it other than the pain, confusion, and random broken parts every week.

por George T

Apr 29, 2016

Outdated course that needs a lot of changes to your code and in releases so you can follow professors code.A lot of people had same issues.

por Arthur A F

Jan 18, 2016

Repetitive content, like the latter course, not challenging

por A.M.H.Silva

May 09, 2020

Not a good course