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With its roots in ancient cultures as early as 6,000 BC, wine has long been part of the human experience. Today, increasing worldwide interest in wine and its complexities and varieties has created an international market valued at $304 billion annually. For the learner who is just getting started in the study of wine, this course will help you take the first steps toward understanding the physiological process of wine tasting. The first module will explore types of wine and help you set up your own tasting. You’ll also begin to build a sensory vocabulary. In module 2 you will review classic wine types of the world and set up flights of specific wines. Later we’ll examine the various faults and defects that can appear in wine as well as techniques for spotting problems. In week 4 we’ll delve into the complex world of wine and food pairings, and its “seven deadly sins.” The course will culminate in a peer review project in which you will apply the knowledge and sensory techniques you have developed throughout the course to assess a specific wine....

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6 de may. de 2019

This is a great source of information about wine and of course wine tasting. The work to do home is very learning focus and this type of practice helps you grab the information and retain it.

6 de oct. de 2020

Awesome course. After this course I feel confident speaking to my guests about wine choices and can guide them towards a great food pairing. Thanks John, you are a great professor!

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por Kevin S

5 de may. de 2020

This course is not for free! You have to purchase the certificate if you want to watch course videos of the entire module 2 of week 2 and be able to continue further until week 5. This is especially disappointing since the videos you can watch for free stop right after the teacher encouraged you to make a big purchase of wine that will be needed for the module of week 2. It should be clear from the beginning that purchasing the certificate is compulsory in order to view course content beyond week 1 and half of week 2.

por gabbi

6 de ago. de 2020

I really appreciate online learning like this. However, this isn't a free class at all. If one wants to go past module one, you have to buy the course. On top on this, one needs to spend money on sixteen bottles of wine, estimated at $150-200. I understand that to taste wine means one must buy wine, but the added cost of the course makes this too expensive for me to even look into.

por Juliane K

16 de may. de 2020

It said free but it isn't free. I feel cheated and I wasted my time

por James T

27 de dic. de 2020

The course does not make it clear that you will not be able to audit every week. PLEASE indicate this at the beginning of the course. I enrolled as an audit, purchased wine, and now cannot watch any lectures after the middle of week 2. I have no interest in a certificate in this course.

por Tjark v d S

12 de jun. de 2020

Rather disappointing that I have to enroll fully to be able to take the tests and continue after the first weeks training.

Would be good if that would have been clear from the start - unlike giving the impression I can just follow the course but not able to get the certificate

por Deleted A

24 de ago. de 2019

A bit boring and I thought coursera courses should be free but this one starts charging. Down vote

por Dimitris T

7 de feb. de 2018

Major defect, no contact with the teacher. Never participated in discussions, never answered to our questions. Absent. main reason why I would not recommend it to others, even though it was pleasant.

por Jennifer C

7 de ago. de 2020

Super basic. Didn't get a peer review so the course remained incomplete for me. The system wouldn't let me extend my deadlines either, so I consider this a waste of money and time.

por Amin A G / F

7 de may. de 2019

This is a great source of information about wine and of course wine tasting. The work to do home is very learning focus and this type of practice helps you grab the information and retain it.

por Catherine S

5 de jul. de 2017

I really enjoyed this course, however, I didn't like how you had to fully buy the course in order to get all the content.

por Roger M

25 de mar. de 2018

Great information ! the more I learned from this class the more I realized how little I knew.

Thank you for offering this class at an affordable price. I hope that you will send more info about your future classes. The instructor is amazing. That you for taking the time to put together this great material. Special thanks to the application developers, amazing work on this app no issues not so ever and very easy to use.

por Viktoria T

13 de nov. de 2017

Teacher is so amazing! It's a pleasure to listen and so easy to understand (I'm saying as a not native speaker). Presentations are beautiful, clear, minimalist and accurate. You did such a great job, thank you a lot! I'm still studying, but this course made my life easier by giving all of information that I was searching for.

por Sophia G

21 de nov. de 2017

I personally view this course as concise and clear. I feel I achieved enough knowledge on the subject and see myself ready to use in my day to day life. It was never boring! Thank you for this great learning experience !

por Athanasios N

23 de dic. de 2017

A very well developed course that makes so easy to learn about wine tasting without physical presence. Above all you learn techniques so you can continue experimentiting by yourself.

por Lindsay N

27 de ago. de 2018

Excellent course. I tell everyone I know about it. It was was very informative, but also interactive, fun, with real-world applicability. Do yourself a favor and sign up!

por Sergio B

29 de ago. de 2018

Un excelente curso, muy bien impartido por el instructor y muy bien preparado. Técnicas que se pueden aplicar excelentemente en el mundo de los vinos.

por Daniel H

16 de sep. de 2017

Excellent course! Easily approachable through the style of John Buechsenstein. A must for any wine drinker end enjoyer!

por Rosa M G

8 de ene. de 2019

I find this course most helpful. Great communication, great professor. Thanks so much for this opportuny.

por Vincent L

19 de feb. de 2018

It is difficult getting your hands on the wine and equipment.

por Jose a c

8 de may. de 2018

I would like to say THANK YOU to UC Davis and in particular to professor Buechsenstein. The course was fascinating. I have already earned this year my WSET 1 certification and I was looking to further expand my knowledge about analyizing wines and their aromas/flavors like professional reviewers do. This course was a great way to start; I learned so much in terms of information and how to have a professional framework to analyze wines from a sensory perspective. The combination of theory and practice was perfect and it really helped me to understand (and make mistakes) about the concepts that were discussed. Now, there is now so much more that I want to learn. Overall, excellent course, Cheers, Jose Cubillos.

por Rajeev M

7 de nov. de 2020

John Buechsenstein Sir has a well-balanced experience of both 'The Art of Wine', 'Chemistry of the Wine'. Only a few people like to teach these top secrets of Wines that could help you choose the right wine next time, be it for you or your friend, or maybe for a big party where there is a challenge to satisfy or optimize everyone's sensory pleasure. But this course is much more than that, it's about the plethora of wine produced in wineries across the world and comprehension of the blend texture through sensory organs. Thanks to John Buechsenstein Sir and his team. Cheers!

por Raquel R

16 de ene. de 2021

As a rookie wine taster, I feel like this is the class I needed to help me get a better grasp on how to appreciate wines better. It came with techniques and what one should look for when observing and selecting a wine. I liked getting exposure to the terminology used in the industry.

The course did have additional costs, but if you already purchase wine regularly, it may already fit your budget. Moreover, some of the tastes and smell experiments help you train your nose and taste buds making those an investment worth making.

por Jeffrey Y

14 de jun. de 2021

Well-constructed course, with good learning exercises. A student can invest as much effort as interest and time allows. Some what may be viewed as highly subjective aspects of sensory perception were more technically detailed than expected, while technical aspects associated with viticulture, for example, were not covered in any appreciable detail. Of course, experience and practice (the hardship!) are needed to really take advantage of the course to be an accomplished wine taster.

por Aishwarya N

16 de ago. de 2021

This was a really wonderful and informative course!

The instructor, Mr B was so enthusiastic about teaching this subject that I actually completed the entire course in two weeks! He knew his concepts well and taught them in such an easy manner.

Also, I always had trouble sensing the aromas in wines, but the techniques that he has mentioned really helped me get a hang of this.

Its a fun course and anyone who wishes to learn more about wine should definitely enroll into this course!

por Glen M

15 de jun. de 2020

Very well conceived, organized and executed. The video instructions were excellent - clear and easy to follow. Having assignments to purchase, taste and describes wines as well as their pairing with food enhanced greatly the learning experience. I recommend this course highly to those looking for a solid framework for understanding the wonders of the world of wine.