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Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes is the third course in a certificate program that will equip you with the skills you need to apply to entry-level jobs in user experience (UX) design. In this course, you’ll continue to design a mobile app for your professional UX portfolio. You’ll start by creating storyboards and getting familiar with the basics of drawing. Then, you'll create paper wireframes and digital wireframes using the design tool Figma. You’ll also create a paper prototype and a digital low-fidelity prototype in Figma. Current UX designers and researchers at Google will serve as your instructors, and you will complete hands-on activities that simulate real-world UX design scenarios. Learners who complete the seven courses in this certificate program should be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs as UX designers. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Develop a goal statement. - Create two types of storyboards: big picture and close-up. - Understand the difference between low-fidelity and high-fidelity design. - Apply the basics of drawing. - Apply the principles of information architecture to organize a mobile app. - Create paper wireframes for a mobile app design. - Develop digital wireframes in the design tool Figma. - Build a paper prototype to add interactivity to designs. - Design a low-fidelity prototype in Figma. - Recognize implicit bias and deceptive patterns in design. - Continue to design a mobile app to include in your professional portfolio. To be successful in this course, you should complete the previous two courses in this certificate program, or have an ability to conduct user research to inform the creation of empathy maps, personas, user stories, user journey maps, problem statements, and value propositions. You will also need paper and a pen or pencil....

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2 de feb. de 2022

I loved this course!! Gives you a taste of what s UX Designer does and gets you thinking like one. I loved creating wireframes and prototypes. This course got me excited to continue on in the program.


27 de sep. de 2021

Great course with great instructors. I really enjoyed learning about wireframes and lo-fi prototypes. Figma is a great program and it was nice to have personal instructors teaching you how to use it.

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por Elena B

28 de nov. de 2021

I enjoyed this course so much! I've learned so many things from it. Is amazing to see how my first app is slowly starting to take shape. The most interesting and at the same time the most challenging thing I've learned was building digital wireframes and lo-fi prototypes on Figma. I am very grateful to Coursera for giving me this opportunity!

por Bhoj K

7 de abr. de 2022

Thankyou so much coursera, for giving me this opportunity. I have learned many skills in a very interactive way and i am looking forward to work more harder and get my desired goal to work for google as a UX desinger/ Visual designer. And our instructors were so confident and provided there in-depth stories, taught us and inspired us.

por Sushant R

4 de oct. de 2022

The video tutorials were easy to understand and fun to watch. This course introduced me to a new software of Design Field i.e Figma. Starting from sketches to moving onto figma to build wireframes and lofi prototypes felt great. The examples very very relatable and realistic that helped me to better understand the process of design.

por Raina F

20 de may. de 2022

It was very easy to follow. You definitely have to focus and do the work. You may have to watch a video a couple times and you can use Slack to join the community and get help from other members. I received a welcome email right away asking if there were any questions I needed. I wish I would of have taken it sooner!

por Jadwiga Z

7 de mar. de 2022

It was a great experience. In that course I'ce learned a lot practical things, and the theory provided is very important in Ux design process. It was the first time I've done paper and digital wireframing, paper and digital lo-fi prototyping. I really deeped my consious in Figma and the options that are available.

por Jason M

7 de ago. de 2022

I learned a lot with this course and although I am still not convinced that the peer-review system is really helping everyone understand what they are doing well or not, I understand its use because of the sheer number of students. I wish that there was more content in this course about basic figma features.

por victor o

6 de may. de 2022

this course is a major contribution to my practical approach to the foundation of design, prototyping and creating of low fidelity wireframes in User experience journey and i have tremondeously gained important knowledge and insight into user research and i am interested in what the next course has to offer

por rabia k

16 de feb. de 2023

I've learned Low-fi wireframing and prototyping. It was the best course in which we actually start designing our project and I enjoy the learning and the process of making assignments a lot. Thanks Coursera for this opportunity and Google for giving us the best knowledge through your Professional People.

por Veena v

23 de oct. de 2021

I have learned so much more in detail. This course was really amazing because this is where we will learn so much in detail and this where UX designer comes into picture. So everyone new to this course I suggest you go in continuation from foundations of UX design course instead of starting thiss first.

por Brad B

4 de abr. de 2022

The first stages of bringing things together from the other courses start here. The research and intentions come together in paper wireframes and then not too long after the digital wireframe process starts. Great build up and flow moving through the courses, excited to keep this forward momentum!

por designeraj

20 de mar. de 2022

Absolutely loved this course. It was a great experience. The speakers were good designers who shared their vision from beginning to end. I do it just for a few weeks, and I am happy to receive my certificate. I will recommend those who want to learn UI UX Design from scratch. Thank you, Googlers!

por Travis P

22 de ago. de 2022

A wonderful course especially concerning Figma! While I do think that some of the practice assignments needed to be actual end of the week assignments it was still a wonderful experience. I am in awe at the difference in regards to courses concerning coursera vs. udemy. Almost halfway done!

por X R

5 de may. de 2022

Your course was the best by far, I found your presentation and explanation skills to be crystal clear and easy to understand, engaging, and also inclusive and friendly. Thank you so much for being my teacher, I hope to meet more people as friendly and understanding as you in the future!

por Janel M

17 de ago. de 2022

I loved course 3 the best because it gave clear insight on what we've completed. The biggest issue I had in all of the courses so far was uploading my work. The it took some digging around and asking questions but thankfully, everyone is helpful - and most of us had the same issue.

por Marcelina M

12 de oct. de 2022

Greatly informative and easy to follow course! I had a great experience doing this course. I enjoyed working in figma, nicely and understandable videos to follow on how to make prototypes. Something I thought would be complicated turned out to be very easy, intuitive and enjoyable.

por Bridget M

17 de jun. de 2022

Clear and easy-to-understand course that teaches several useful tools. It was great to get multiple opportunities to try out Figma and explore both wireframing and prototyping. It was helpful to have the Figma videos as well as the Figma tutorial from the Google instructor.

por M- H

20 de dic. de 2022

It was an amazing experience with all the exercises and content of the course, we learned a lot from here and especially the instructor Ms. Keran teaches it very well.

I would highly recommend this course to our co-learner to learn and complete all the given exercises.


por Emily A L

24 de sep. de 2021

Great course introducing wireframes and prototyping! Also, if you're new to Figma, this course will be a good introduction to that program. I liked how Karen focused on drawing wireframes and prototypes on paper before moving to digital wireframing. Great course - 5 stars!

por Junayed H

13 de oct. de 2022

A truely awesome course! I learned a lot from this. From Wireframes to Prototypes, everything is clearly described and easily understandable. But I hoped for a more advance knowledge, overall it gives you tip of the iceberg and resources to find the rest of the iceberg.

por Carla O

5 de jul. de 2021

Overall, great course. Sometimes it's unclear whether you're working on the scenario created for the class, or the portfolio project, but with this many participants it's not as if you can easily field all those questions. The supplemental material is worth bookmarking.

por Shiv Y

31 de mar. de 2022

Course has been structured very well. Good amout of time could be spent on activities. Learning new terms and procedures of UX design and updating onself with current trends of UX. Learning to design the digital prototype with insights from the former user interview.

por Yannis M

27 de jul. de 2021

This course was an excellent introduction to storyboards, wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes. Instructional material was easy to follow and full of useful tips and applied practices! The Figma tutorial was great for getting started with a solid foundation.

por Erik R

23 de jun. de 2021

This third part of the certificate was very easy to understand and to practice, the instructor was clear all the time and so the explanations. I only think it was too shoort compared to the other coursers but its all on us to keep practicing as much as we can.

por Alberto H C

19 de jul. de 2022

I really like how this course has a lot of theory and useful information but it is also practical. I have previous experience with Figma, so its wasn't that diffucult for me, but I guess for a newcomer without any experience could be a lil bit overwhelming.

por Aleksandar K

16 de dic. de 2021

Wonderful course. I truly enjoyed building my digital low-fi wireframes and prototypes. It's been an amazing experience so far and I am so happy to see my project (app) coming up to life. :) Thank you very much. I can't wait to dive into the 4th course. :)