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谈到中华传统文化,大家首先想到的莫过于以孔子思想为代表的儒学思想,但中华传统文化绝不止这些;谈到中医药,大家第一印象可能是针灸、按摩,因为她们已经走向全球,但中医药也远不止如此。医学、生物学飞速发展的21世纪,中医药学这一古老学科为什么还有生命力?她与现代医药学有何不同?为什么很多人觉得中医药知识体系不容易学习和掌握?因为:中医药学具有深厚的中华传统文化背景,如果不了解中华传统文化,就难以深入理解中医药学的思想和知识。 本课程就是希望通过剖析中医药与中华传统文化的密切联系,使大家了解中医药学的中华传统文化的背景,更容易理解中医药的思维特征、思想特色和知识体系。通过本课程的学习,不仅能掌握一些中医药的基本知识、中医药养生的原理和方法,还能从中医药的视角认识中华传统文化的精髓。...
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por Chong Y J

Dec 01, 2017


por 李泉

Mar 26, 2017


por 谢涵博

Jan 31, 2018


por Kang C

Nov 28, 2015

Very Informative and Systematic course. From reasoning to conclusion are all great.

Suggest for anyone who interested in Chinese Medicine.

por almshe

Oct 16, 2015


por Kao C F

Jan 03, 2016


por KAI W V

Nov 05, 2016


por 刘红滨

May 08, 2016


por Hassan A C

Jul 21, 2016

How I can continue the course, there is no subtitle in English.

Finally i get solution.

por 王庆伟

Aug 12, 2016


por 徐王林

Oct 30, 2015

I am a student of Western Medicine,more and more found that TCM is interesting

por 汤皓玥

Aug 15, 2015

This course explains the cultural of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a very vivid way. It explores the hidder history and cultural behind the medicine and offers us helpful advices on how to lead a healthier life.

por Jonathan G

Mar 25, 2016

I learned a lot about the principles of Buddhism and Taoism, as well as Chinese medicine and the organs. It would've helped to have some English subtitles at the beginning though.

por Zhe S

Aug 21, 2015


por 庞姗妹

Sep 09, 2015


por wen c y

Sep 06, 2015

I have learned lots of Chinese tradition.

por john l

Aug 24, 2015

Very good course. By a stroke of luck, before taking this course, I took another course on 中华传统文化 which was a wonderful refresher for what I grew up with in my formative years.

I am particularly hopeful that with an integrative holistic approach of Western and Eastern medical disciplines, people can learn to prevent getting sick, work with doctors to heal themselves with minimium side effects when they fall ill.

It is very interesting to note that thousands of years ago, Chinese believe that people can live to 120!

por 宋羽

Apr 18, 2017


por Diego Y

Jun 23, 2016

Sadly, there only english subtitles in the first video, so I can´t continue the course

por Sofia A A P

Nov 23, 2015

No hay subtítulos en inglés ni español

por YING Y

Aug 26, 2015

The instructor looks nerves when he talking.

por caetana v

Oct 07, 2015

It said it was subtitled into English but that's only the first video...

por Gabriela B D

Sep 11, 2015

ONly in chinese. Not English subtitles.

por Ng S H

Sep 06, 2015

Need more (understandable) subtitles. Peer-review for this course is not a good idea as well, given abstract concepts and different language.