Making Your Data Story Come Alive

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Welcome to week 4! This week you will become a master at getting people to agree with your data-driven business recommendations as you learn to deliver a compelling business presentation. You’ll learn about the insight from the intersection of visualization science and decision science, and what this means for you as a data analyst, who seeks to design a compelling and effective business presentations. If you intend to affect people’s decisions, you need to influence where they look. This week we will review a set of tools and concepts you can use to optimize your visualizations and your presentation style. You will soon be a master at getting people to agree with your data-driven business recommendations! <p>By the end of this week, you will be able to:<p><ul><li>Tell stories with data</li> <li>Design effective slide presentations to showcase your data story, and</li> <li> Deliver compelling business presentations</ul></li><p> Remember to refer back to the Study Guide: Designing and Delivering Effective Presentations. You will also complete a graded quiz. <p>As always, if you have any questions, post them to the <b>Discussions</b>.<p> To get started, please begin with the video “Using Visualization to Influence Business Decisions.”<p> I hope you enjoy this week's materials!

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