O'Connor Interview

This week, to wrap up our course, we turn back to the question of why with which we began. Why did the Bible originate in ancient Israel and Judah? We will begin by synthesizing what we’ve learned so far in order to bring it to bear on this fundamental question. Thereafter we will examine the most fascinating means by which the biblical authors reshape Israel’s identity. These means include matters that relate to theology, the covenant, and covenantal ethics. We will conclude the course by raising the question of what role the Bible may have to play in our futures. Upon completion of this module, learners will be able to: 1) Answer the question of why the Bible emerged in Israel and Judah rather than in other societies of the ancient Near East, 2) Identify the distinct theological means by which the biblical authors reshape the identity of Israel in their grand project of peoplehood, 3) Discuss the future possibilities of "biblical" projects and of the Bible itself.

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