1.12 Forming Yes/No Questions

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在进行预算时,凯萨琳要求经理们在开销上持平。杰克却不理会这请求,反而认为多花费在宣传上可增进销售量。你觉得凯萨琳会如何处理这状况? 这一周,你会看到凯萨琳和杰克讨论他的预算,也会观察到她如何利用问题来协助杰克找出可以符合两人需求的办法。这周结束后,你所提出的问题是不仅能够主导开放与诚实的对谈,而且显示出建设性的结果。 While in the budgeting process, Catherine asks managers to keep their expenses flat. Jake, however, ignores this request believing he can increase sales by spending more on promotions. How do you think Catherine handles this situation? In this week, you’ll watch Catherine and Jake talk about his budget. You’ll observe how she uses questions to help Jake think of ways to meet both of their needs. After completing this week, you’ll be able to form questions that lead to open and honest conversations and produce positive results.

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