4.19 Review: Auditing

「你需要什么文件 ?」、「对不起,我没有时间。」这些用语在准备稽核作业时是很普遍听到的。你需有强大权力才可使每人都做到你要求做的事吗? 虽然你没有这权力,但绝对是有能力主导他人。这周结束后,你会辨别五大权力,对积极互动产生影响力,以及使用有目的性意义口吻的字词。 “What documentation do you need?” “I’m sorry, but I don’t have time.” These statements are commonly heard while preparing for an audit. Do you have to have super powers to get everyone to just do what you ask? Although you may not have super powers, you definitely have the power to lead others. After completing this week, you’ll be able to recognize 5 types of power, influence positive interactions, and find words that carry the tone of your intended meaning.

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