Transforming Men Into Mice

<p>Welcome to Week 4 of the class!</p> <p>You now know how to compare two DNA (or protein) strings. &nbsp;But what if we wanted to compare entire genomes? When we "zoom out" to the genome level, we find that substitutions, insertions, and deletions don't tell the whole story of evolution: we need to model more dramatic evolutionary events known as <strong>genome rearrangements</strong>, which wrench apart chromosomes and put them back together in a new order. A natural question to ask is whether there are "fragile regions" hidden in your genome where chromosome breakage has occurred more often over millions of years. This week, we will begin addressing this question by asking how we can compute the number of rearrangements on the evolutionary path connecting two species.</p> <p>You can find this week's Bioinformatics Cartoon from Randall Christopher at the bottom of this E-mail. What do earthquakes and a stack of pancakes have to do with species evolution? Keep learning to find out!</p> <p><img width="528" src="http://bioinformaticsalgorithms.com/images/cover/rearrangements_cropped.jpg"></p>

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