Preventative Practices

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In Week 7 of this course, you will learn about disease concerns of dairy cows and calves and management practices addressing diagnosis and prevention. Our discussions will progress from first establishing disease prevention concepts of biosecurity and evolutionary change to dairy herd health programs. The next three discussions will focus on disease issues related to the calving cow, calf and lactating cow. These lessons will provide background information and practical skills in recognizing disease problems early in an effort to minimize adverse consequences on animal health and performance. The last two discussions will focus on disease treatment and prevention practices in addressing important conceptual approaches as specific mechanisms for treatment and prevention are dependent upon regulatory issues within a given country. We will address the controversial issue of antibiotic usage in the treatment of cows as an important concern for food production, but also as part of good animal care and ensuring animal welfare. Preventive practices of vaccination strategies and parasite control will be framed in a conceptual approach that could be applied to differing farm situations. Finally our discussion will emphasize the importance of good nutrition, thus linking information from other course modules, to establishing proper dairy management practices to ensuring quality cow care and minimizing disease risks. Those of you, who would like to get more engaged in discussions and are interested in completing the Course Certificate requirements, can participate in discussion forums and take the weekly quiz. Enjoy this week's material and the entire course!

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