Machine Learning Models

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Data literacy

This module is devoted to Data Processing and Machine Learning. During this week students will learn what big data and open data are, understand basic concepts of Machine Learning and how Machine Learning methods are used in everyday life.

Impartido por:

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    Mikhail Zhuravlev


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    Tatiana Brazhnik

    Tatiana Brazhnik

  • Placeholder

    Alena Sapunova

    Digital Skills Development Unit Head

  • Placeholder

    Evgeny Sokolov

    Senior lecturer at HSE

  • Placeholder

    Elif Shipi

    Research Assistant

  • Placeholder

    Daniel Karabekyan

    Assistant Professor

  • Placeholder

    Kirill Chmel

    Research Fellow, Lecturer

  • Placeholder

    Elen Tevanyan

  • Placeholder

    Timur Akazhanov

    Visiting Scholar

  • Placeholder

    Anastasiia Lapshinova

    Visiting Lecturer

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