Hybridization and Electric Vehicles 1/2

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<p>In this chapter we will explore how the electric vehicle may be deployed over the course the 21st century. To do this, we will explicitly use a prospective approach aimed at exploring the future rather than predicting it.</p><p>We will begin by decomposing the main instruments to reduce the environmental impacts of transport through the ASIF (Activity Structure Intensity Fuel) approach, then study the crucial issue of the deployment of charging infrastructures. Finally, we will examine the role of hybridization as a transition technology to the electric vehicle.</p><p>The course is followed by an interview of an expert from AVERE-France to broaden our point of view on hybridization and to discover advances in battery life.</p><p>You will find in the following session the graded assessment for both chapter 5 and 6. This evaluation concerns only the videos <em>Lecture</em> and is required to obtain the certificate.</p>

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