Conflict Management Styles

Organizations are teams of teams. By definition, a manager gets work done not only through one’s own resources and efforts, but also through others. In other words, you are required to work effectively with people outside your team. These are individuals and groups within the organization and also outside. You have to influence people at different levels and functions, build collaborative relationships wherever possible, negotiate wisely, handle difficult conversations and make decisions in the face of uncertainty and complexity. In this complex arena, formal authority or position power is only a limited resource. You have to influence without authority, and this will require you to draw on your personal power, resources and approaches. You have to develop skills and mindsets for the challenges of managing conflict, handling difficult conversations and carrying out effective negotiations. This module will deal with the topics of influence, conflict management, handling difficult conversations, negotiation and decision making. As a part of this module, we have two interviews – one with a negotiation expert on what it takes to be an effective negotiator, and the second with an industry expert on the topic of complex decision making.

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