The Art of the Process - Part 2

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Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Step Towards Success
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Michigan State University
154 calificaciones
Curso 1 de 6 en SpecializationHow to Start Your Own Business
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The New Business Paradigm
In this module we show you how to apply your new found entrepreneurial mindset to those tasks and behaviors associated with starting or acquiring a business.

Conoce a los instructores

  • Forrest S. Carter
    Forrest S. Carter
    Associate Professor, Faculty Director of Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Ken Szymusiak
    Ken Szymusiak
    Managing Director, Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    Broad College of Business
  • David Wheeler
    David Wheeler
    Creative Research Faculty, The Hub for Innovation
    Media and Information

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