The Lloyd Algorithm for k-Means Clustering

<p>Welcome to class!</p><p>At the beginning of the class, we will see how algorithms for&nbsp;<strong>clustering&nbsp;</strong>a set of data points&nbsp;will help us determine how yeast became such good wine-makers. At the bottom of this email is the Bioinformatics Cartoon for this chapter, courtesy of <a href="http://bearandfox.com" target="_blank" title="Link: http://bearandfox.com">Randall Christopher</a> and serving as a chapter header in the Specialization's bestselling <a href="http://bioinformaticsalgorithms.com" target="_blank">print companion</a>. How did the monkey lose a wine-drinking contest to a tiny mammal? &nbsp;Why have Pavel and Phillip become cavemen? And will flipping a coin help them escape their eternal boredom until they can return to the present? Start learning to find out!</p><p><img width="550" alt="" src="http://bioinformaticsalgorithms.com/images/cover/clustering_cropped.jpg" title="Image: http://bioinformaticsalgorithms.com/images/cover/clustering_cropped.jpg"></p>

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