Introduction to Lesson 2

Who doesn’t love a good game to pass time? In this Module, we will create a more advanced and interactive Android Application / Game! We will be creating our version of FlappyBird--CalliBird or Calit2Bird, as we like to call it. We will cover the basics of the game by defining certain parameters. First, we have what we call our “Actors”. You can think of “Actors” as any part of the game that appears on the screen (the obstacles and the bird). In the game, we also define our own Location system and a Map class that will handle the different movements in the game. Next we define our game processor which is the backbone of the game. Game Processor ensures your score is constantly updated, delegates the movements to the Map class, and detects collisions, to name a few. Lastly, we will cover the importance of interfaces and its application to this Android App. Interfaces will enable us to 1. play CalliBird / Calit2Bird using any form of input we want (using touch, a sensor, a controller, etc.) and 2. render the game in any display we have (a screen, an led block, etc.). There is a lot of freedom with this game so you will be able to spice it up and make it your own!

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