GPIO Defined

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Hello everyone and welcome to GPIO Programming! In order for the DragonBoard™ 410c to interact with the world there has to be an interface between them. For the purpose of this project the GPIO interface will serve as a way to sense and interact with the environment. In this lesson we will talk about General Purpose Input/Output pins and why they are important to this project. We will try to define them as well as provide other resources that could help further explain their purpose. In taking a look at the low speed expansion header on the DragonBoard™ 410c we will locate and explain all other GPIO interfaces. Since only the 12 GPIO will be necessary for this course, most of this lesson will focus on them. Once a greater understanding of the GPIO is achieved we will then access them via command prompt be it through a PC host or on board OS such as Ubuntu. Finally in this lesson we will show you how to make your first program/application capable of controlling a GPIO.

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