5.1 Cloud Market Analysis / 5.2 Top Cloud Companies & Services

The fifth module “Cloud Technology” focuses on the Cloud market analysis, Cloud service types, MCC (Mobile Cloud Computing), and Edge Computing technology. Frist, the characteristics of the world’s top cloud companies and their services including AWS (Amazon Web Service), Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Apple's iCloud are introduced. Then the characteristics of cloud models, which include public cloud, private cloud, community cloud, and hybrid cloud are described along with the differences in cloud service models, which include SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Based on the service models, the benefits and characteristics of Cloud services are introduced. More details on the operation process are introduced, which include the IaaS and VM (Virtual Machine) administration, PaaS Runtime Environment for application support, and Open SaaS applications access processes. Then the relation between IoT and state-of-the-art mobile cloud technology is introduced. First the differences in MCC (Mobile Cloud Computing) and Edge Computing are described, which includes details on Fog computing, MEC (Mobile Edge Computing), and Cloudlet technology. In addition, the functionality and characteristics of the Cloudlet architecture and its 3 layers are covered.

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