1.4 The Times Are a-Changin’ in Jiufen (九份時空的變與不變)

Jiufen is small town in northern Taiwan, once a booming gold mining town, mining operations there have all closed down now. After the metropolises in the north such as Taipei sprang up, Jiufen has still maintained a rural and simple atmosphere reminiscent of the 1950’s that appeals to many tourists. Jiufen today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the north of Taiwan. 本週要介紹的是臺灣北部的一個小鎮 -- 九份,這裡以前盛產黃金,又稱「黃金山城」,沒有了黃金以後,這裡開始發展觀光產業,如今成為臺灣十分著名的觀光景點之一。

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