2.1 The Secret of Shi Gan Dang (石敢當的秘密)

In this unit we will get to know the little town of Lugang in central Taiwan by learning the story of Shi Gan Dang stone tablets. Lugang’s temples and old streets tell a soul-stirring story, from their impressive architecture to their cultural backgrounds.The sea goddess Mazu protects people in their daily lives, giving them a comforting warmth. Chinese people have special kind of faith and feeling towards their temples. In this unit, we hope you also will feel inspired by these stories. 本週將透過「石敢當」的故事,介紹臺灣中部的一個小鎮—鹿港,從「鹿港」的傳統信仰、廟宇文化,到廟宇對當地居民所產生的影響,希望能為你帶來心靈層面的意義與啟發。

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