3.5 Summary

This week we will look at the earliest Chinese settlement in Taiwan. Tainan is located in southern Taiwan. Because it was settled relatively early on in Taiwan’s history, there are many old buildings left in Tainan, making it an important cultural asset. From the year 1620 there were already settlers farming and living here, some architecture built in that period still remains here today. From these historic buildings, we can understand Tainan’s bygone prosperous days and current modern face. In this town full of both nostalgia and modern life, we can recall the past and at the same time appreciate the changes that places undergo with the passage of time. 本週要介紹的是臺灣最早建立的城市 — 臺南,它位於臺灣的南部,從西元 1620 年起,就有人在這裡耕作、生活,當時建造的部分建築一直保留到現在,使今日的臺南成為一個復古又時尚的城市。

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