4.2 Eigen-states of the Hamiltonian: space of states, energy of the vacuum

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In the real world there is nothing like purely monochromatic radiation. A correct description of radiation necessarily involves several modes. In this lesson, you will learn how canonical quantization can be easily generalized to the case of several modes, and how various observables or important quantities introduced in the single mode case are expressed in the multimode case. Beyond the formalism that you must learn to be able to read papers and books describing real situtations, you will encounter in this lesson some intriguing features of the quantum formalism: firstly, the unbelievably large size of the space of states, which is the reason for the unlimited potential power of quantum information; secondly, the question of infinities, a problem which was solved by the general procedure of renormalization. Note that optional readings are proposed as resources of some lectures.

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