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The second module is entitled to "Solution Structures of Spatial Data Science Problems", which is composed of four lectures and will give learners an overview of academic subjects, software tools, and their combinations for the solution structures of spatial data science problems. The first lecture, "Four Disciplines for Spatial Data Science and Applications" will introduce four academic disciplines related to spatial data science, which are Geographic Information System (GIS), Database Management System (DBMS), Data Analytics, and Big Data Systems. The second lecture "Open Source Software's" will introduce open source software's in the four related disciplines, QGIS for GIS, PostgreSQL and PostGIS for DBMS, R for Data Analytics, Hadoop and Hadoop-based solutions for Big Data System, which will be used throughout this course. The third lecture "Spatial Data Science Problems" will present six solution structures, which are different combinations of GIS, DBMS, Data Analytics, and Big Data Systems. The solution structures are related to the characteristics of given problems, which are the data size, the number of users, level of analysis, and main focus of problems. The fourth lecture "Spatial Data vs. Spatial Big Data" will make learner have a solid understanding of spatial data and spatial big data in terms of similarity and differences. Additionally, the value of spatial big data will be discussed.

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