Part 4

Welcome to 'Introduction to Systems Engineering'! To help you in getting started with this course, we have a course introduction video that will provide you with an overview of the course syllabus.We then begin the course with this introductory module in which we address the nature of systems and the concept of a system life cycle. We identify what is meant when we say that something is a system and we narrow down the very broad definitions to focus on the human-made or modified systems that are our focus in systems engineering. We then look at the broad phases and activities that a system moves through during its life cycle, from early identification of the need for the system, exploration of options, functional design, physical design, detailed design and development, construction and production, utilization and support and then, finally, retirement. To provide greater detail for this module, we recommend (but do not require) that students refer to pages 1-19 of our textbook "Systems Engineering Practice"--see reading on Course Notes and Text Books.

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