Light Stick Exhibit

We don't just see with our eyes; our brain plays a big role in determining what we see. A huge percentage of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information, but we still can't make sense of everything going on around us, so we rely on certain "shortcuts" or tricks. In other words, your brain makes things up!<br/><br/>This week, we're going to explore a few interesting visual shortcuts and some of the technologies that have been invented to take advantage of them.<br/><br/>Your assignment is to watch the videos below, try some activities at home, and share your experience in the discussion forums.<ul><li>Collect data about your <a href="http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/peripheral-vision">peripheral vision</a> and compare with your classmates</li><li>Show off your afterimage designs for <a href="http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/bird-in-cage">Bird in a Cage</a></li><li>Take pictures of your experiments with <a href="http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/bird-in-cage">Colored Shadows</a></li></ul>We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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