5.5 Neurologic Complications of Flaviviruses - Interview with Prof. Tom Solomon

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This module addresses what is known and what is unknown about the neurological adverse effects of Zika virus, especially based on observations and research studies carried out in French Polynesia and in Brazil. In this module you will gain knowledge about the association between Zika infection in mothers and microcephaly in foetus in Brazil as well as the increased Guillain-Barré Syndrome in adults during the Zika outbreak in French Polynesia in 2013-2014. Prof. Olivier Picone, gynecologist-obstetrician, will explain the mechanisms of Zika infection and its health consequences. Dr. Patricia Jungmann will present us the race against time to understand the increased of microcephaly cases in Northeastern Brazil at the beginning of the outbreak and how doctors and scientists worked hand in hand to find clues to better understand the phenomenon. You will learn how the fear of microcephaly is becoming a nightmare for pregnant Brazilian women or those who would like to fall pregnant with Prof. Aluisio Cotrim Segurado and Prof. Laura Rodrigues. Prof. Tom Solomon and Prof. Arnaud Fontanet will close the module with the neurological effects of Zika in adults, notably regarding the Guillain-Barré syndrome that recently occurred in many infected cases in French Polynesia.

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