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Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri. These have become household names. Thanks to advances in Natural Language Processing technologies, chatbots are increasing efficiency and saving money for companies worldwide. Chatbots can be used for a variety of tasks. Take customer support for example, where a chatbot can be used for: answering questions, finding products, checking inventory, or recommending items. They are also finding use to speed up medical diagnosis and triage (especially in mental health), keep the elderly company, and even in the context of video games. In this project, I will show you a variety of methods and techniques for creating an intelligent AI chatbot for your business or for fun. You could even build a chatbot that imitates you! Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....
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por Abed K

2 de may. de 2021

The instructor fails at explaining the reasoning and logic behind the code that he is providing. It almost feels like a copy and paste project rather than a project where you actually get valuable information understanding what' happening.

por Paritosh D

30 de abr. de 2021

Doesn't teaches properly not even show how to run the program and not explained.

por Don E

9 de may. de 2021

Interesting Project, but need more time to work with the code. Especially as you must set up your own computer system to work with different software libraries.

por Ibrahim K A

27 de nov. de 2021

It was difficult to follow through. There are too many technical terms and lacks architecture to show how the components integrate and interact

por Kaylin T

18 de jul. de 2021

1. The virtual environment was horrible to use. The cloud was so slow I decided to code on my own computer. However, no matter how many times I closed it, so that I can view the instructional video in full screen, it keeps opening. It is very frustrating when I just want to watch the video. 2. The files are in a mess and it was difficult to find the file the instructor was looking at. 3. At the end, the end product called "" the code in the virtual machine and the one the instructor was showing was different! 4. This tutorial is also outdated. Currently, we are using Python3.8 and above and Tensorflow 2.0. However, this tutorial is using Tensorflow 1.15 which requires a python version lower at 3.8. 5. The actual coding was rushed through and not explained properly - just brushed over in 1 line. This tutorial is not for beginners and I recommend some Python knowledge before attempting this. Overall, this was the worst experience I have had so far with coursera and will not be joining anymore such projects.

por Zachary G

22 de may. de 2021

This is by far the worst presenter/instructor I've seen in any online tutorial. Nothing is explained even remotely well it's very clearly just copy-pasted from a mishmash of other tutorials, the slideshow is just random images taken from the Internet (I imagine the first result when Googling the thing being discussed) the code often doesn't work within the sandbox environment, the final code presented is totally wrong in some places but can be fixed in 1-2 lines with help from Google, there's unexpected jumps in the video where you can see they basically just cut out an entire 4-5 seconds of footage for some reason, the audio volume has an odd tendency to fluctuate, and the test has nothing to do with creating a chatbot but is basically a trivia game of some of the tidbits of information touched on in the "course".

This has completely destroyed any interest I may have had in the Coursera Project Network and is demonstrative of a total lack of quality control on the platform.

por Gokul G

23 de sep. de 2021

W​hoever looking to join this course, please not join it. It is not worth it.