IAM Role Revoking and Permissions Boundary

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En este proyecto guiado, tú:

Obtain the temporary credentials generated by Role (STS)

Revoke active sessions of IAM Role

Create IAM User with Permissions Boundary

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By the end of this Project, you will be able to learn how and when to revoke an IAM Role. In this scenario, we are going to deal with a real time example. Suppose, you are working as a security analyst with a global organization called "XYZ". You assigned an IAM role to an EC2 instance and the temporary credentials generated by the role assumption got leaked to a third party. Lets see how can we deal with this situation in an ideal way. This project also reviews the functionality provided by Permission Boundaries and looks at a common use case permission delegation. After completing this Project, you will get a detailed idea of Role Revoking and Permission Boundary.

Habilidades que desarrollarás

  • Confidentiality
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Tailored Access Operations
  • Identity Management (IDM)
  • Access Control

Aprende paso a paso

En un video que se reproduce en una pantalla dividida con tu área de trabajo, tu instructor te guiará en cada paso:

  1. Create the Project environment

  2. Obtain the temporary credentilas generated by STS, when assuming an IAM Role

  3. Role Revoking

  4. IAM Permissions Boundary

  5. Cleaning the Project Environment

Cómo funcionan los proyectos guiados

Tu espacio de trabajo es un escritorio virtual directamente en tu navegador, no requiere descarga.

En un video de pantalla dividida, tu instructor te guía paso a paso

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