Mastering Data Analysis with Pandas: Learning Path Part 5

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En este proyecto guiado, tú:

Define and manipulate Pandas DataFrames and text data

Perform text data cleaning by removing stopwords and punctuations

Visualize Pandas DataFrames such as Count plot, Histograms, and Word Cloud

Clock2 hours
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In this structured series of hands-on guided projects, we will master the fundamentals of data analysis and manipulation with Pandas and Python. Pandas is a super powerful, fast, flexible and easy to use open-source data analysis and manipulation tool. This guided project is the fifth of a series of multiple guided projects (learning path) that is designed for anyone who wants to master data analysis with pandas. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions.

Habilidades que desarrollarás

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Manipulation
  • Pandas
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Aprende paso a paso

En un video que se reproduce en una pantalla dividida con tu área de trabajo, tu instructor te guiará en cada paso:

  1. Understand the Problem Statement and Business Case

  2. Upper and Lower Operations

  3. Filter Out Positive and Negative Ratings

  4. Perform Pandas Operations - Part 1

  5. Perform Pandas Operations - Part 2

  6. Perform Text Cleaning By Removing Punctuations

  7. Perform Text Cleaning By Removing Stopwords

  8. Text Data Visualization

Cómo funcionan los proyectos guiados

Tu espacio de trabajo es un escritorio virtual directamente en tu navegador, no requiere descarga.

En un video de pantalla dividida, tu instructor te guía paso a paso

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