Professor Jim Wallace is the Director of the Engine Research and Development Laboratory at the University of Toronto.&nbsp; He has more than 30 years of experience conducting research on the topics of internal combustion engines, combustion, and fuels.&nbsp;&nbsp; The engine lab specializes in the combustion of alternative fuels, including biodiesel, biogas, methanol, ethanol, natural gas, propane, and hydrogen in spark ignition and diesel engines.&nbsp; The focus of the work is on reducing engine exhaust emissions.&nbsp; Current research ranges from fundamental ignition studies of natural gas injected in diesel engines, a study of the effect of ethanol-gasoline blends on GDI engine PM emissions, and a study of the potential health benefits of using diesel particulate filters.&nbsp;&nbsp; He was made a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) in 2001 for his contributions in the area of alternative fuels.&nbsp; He is also a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) and the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and received the Robert W. Angus Medal from the CSME in 2011.&nbsp; <br> <br>Professor Wallace severed as Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from 1998-2003.&nbsp; He received the 2011 Faculty Teaching Award from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the 2012 President's Teaching Award from the University of Toronto.&nbsp; He is a member of the University of Toronto's Teaching Academy.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>


Wind, Waves and Tides: Alternative Energy Systems