<p>Alan Regenberg, MBe is the Bioethics Research Manager at the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. A senior staff member, he leads the team responsible for rapid-response research, broad dissemination and active public engagement around the Institute’s diverse portfolio of scholarship. This includes managing/curating the institute’s internet-based assets and successful, social media-based, public-engagement efforts. These currently include the&nbsp;<a href="">Berman Institute Bioethics Bulletin Blog</a>,&nbsp;<a href="">Facebook page</a>,&nbsp;<a href="">Twitter feed</a>,&nbsp;<a href="">YouTube Channel</a>,&nbsp;<a href="">Weekly Bioethics Email Digests</a>.</p> <p>Alan also plays a significant role in managing the Berman Institute’s science programs:&nbsp;<a href="" title="Link:">the Stem Cell Policy and Ethics (SCOPE) Program</a>;&nbsp;<a href="">the Program in Ethics and Brain Sciences (PEBS-Neuroethics)</a>; and the&nbsp;<a href="" title="Link:">Hinxton Group</a>&nbsp;an international consortium on stem cells, ethics and law. Alan’s research interests are diverse, and have most recently focused on bioethics and social media, global bioethics, stem cell science and neuroethics.</p> <p>Alan received his Master of Bioethics degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his undergraduate training in History and Psychology at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.</p>


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Guinea Pigs, Heroes & Desperate Patients: The History & Ethics of Human Research