Hello, my name is Roger Harrison and I’m looking forward to supporting you over the next six weeks. I work at the University of Manchester in the Centre for Epidemiology. I started out as a research assistant in the National Health Service in the north of England, and developed my research career. I was particularly interested in trying to find sensible ways to help people make changes to their lifestyle to reduce their likelihood of diseases such as heart disease. I was researching this from the level of a population (any defined group of people) rather than supporting a particular individual. You will learn more about these differences as you work through this six week MOOC.

About 8 years ago I moved from the National Health Service to take up a more dedicated teaching post at the University of Manchester. A lot of my work involves managing and teaching on the online distance learning programme in public health ( I really enjoy supporting this world leading course because like this MOOC, students are registered on it from all over the world. How amazing is that! I am also passionate about teaching and learning in all aspects of population health, including members of the public, students and professionals. This is because all education contributes in different ways to improve the health and living conditions of everyone in the world . Wow – so by taking this MOOC, your new knowledge will help contribute to this in various ways.