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Introduction to Activism and Social Movements

This short module includes an overview of the course's structure, working process, global community, and overall guidelines. Make sure to read it right away and refer back to it whenever needed.

1 video (Total 2 minutos), 3 readings
3 lecturas
Course Structure10m
Community Collaboration10m
Course Information and Resources10m
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Activism and Social Movements: Lectures, Guest Presentations, and Quiz

This opening segment is dedicated to the prolific and exciting overlap between socially engaged art and cultural practices generated by recent social movements around the world. Environmentalism, AIDS activism, Queer movements, Zapatismo, immigrant rallies, alter-globalization, the World Social Forum, Occupy, the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, museum boycotts, and democratic uprisings in the Middle East will be seen in dialogue with cultural producers who participate in these movements or are inspired by them. Rather than assess the political efficacy of such cultural activities, we will examine their place within contemporary art practices. Based on Listening, Organizing, Dancing, or Partying, each student’s contribution will respond to a particular social movement of their choosing.

10 videos (Total 118 minutos), 1 quiz
10 videos
From Refusal and Boycott to Humor and Satire10m
Subverting Symbols and Power Structures12m
Prompt-Overview of Project and Peer Assessment2m
Beka Economopoulos16m
Gulf Labor16m
Rebecca Gomperts10m
Leonidas Martin14m
Naeem Mohaiemen11m
Joshua Wong11m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Activism and Social Movements Quiz20m
4 horas para completar

Activism and Social Movements: Project and Peer Review

The prompt, lecture and guest presentations will provide a foundation and inspiration for students’ own experiments.

2 quizzes
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Aesthetics, Art History, and Cultural Institutions - Lectures, Guest Presentations, and Quiz

Just as recent social movements have transformed contemporary art and culture, activists have relied on ideas developed in more specialized cultural circles, sometimes without knowing it. Starting with an exploration of the ways in which socially engaged public art has been included and excluded from particular narratives, theories, institutions, and events, we will use this lesson to follow social practices as they question conventional art and art history. As we do so, students will be invited to create projects that directly engage with Cultivating, Farming, Cooking, or Eating—activities that are fundamentally social but traditionally seen to contradict serious artistic production.

9 videos (Total 85 minutos), 1 quiz
9 videos
Cultural Institutions and and International Exhibitions6m
Prompt-Overview of Project and Peer Assessment4m
Chido Govera8m
Hans Haacke15m
Future Farmers8m
Shannon Jackson13m
Jolene Rickard12m
Abigail Satinsky7m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Aesthetics, Art History and Cultural Institutions Quiz20m
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consiguió un beneficio tangible en su carrera profesional gracias a este curso

Principales revisiones sobre ART of the MOOC: Activism and Social Movements

por IAMay 23rd 2018

This course was really helpful in understanding the significance of art in social activism, and the project was a lot of fun.

por SBJul 8th 2018

Exciting, different & eye-opening. Innovative assessment strategy (once it opens)!



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