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Acerca del Curso

This course is designed to introduce students, working professionals and the community to the exciting field of cybersecurity. Throughout the MOOC, participants will engage in community discourse and online interaction. Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and its domains. They will engage with expertly produced videos, gain insight from industry experts, participate in knowledge assessments, practice assessing their environmental awareness, and gain access to materials that address governance and risk management, compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery, cryptography, software development security, access control, network security, security architecture, security operations, and physical and environmental security. Learning will be assessed using strategies aligned to knowledge and understanding. You do not need prior experience in IT security to do well in this course. All you need is a willingness to learn. We will point you to relevant open and free resources to assist you. At the end of this course, you will have the option of applying for undergraduate level course credit at Kennesaw State University (dependent on admission to Kennesaw State University as a degree seeking or a non-degree seeking student). More information is available in final module "Receive Course (undergraduate) Credit at Kennesaw State University"....

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18 de may. de 2020

It was a great course where I have learnt many things about the Cyber security Domain. Few things I knew few things I though I know but everything combined it was great Learning experience. Thank You.


3 de may. de 2018

The Cybersecurity course was very complete and interesting. I enjoyed forums and videos.

This course has motivated me to learn more about Information Security.

Excellent content !


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por Victor F

27 de ene. de 2020

Brilliant overview and indepth presentation of topics and subject matter. I have been truly impressed and really enjoyed every minutes spent studying this course. Thank you.


29 de may. de 2020

thanx for this ...its very helpful for me

por Sara S

20 de ago. de 2015

I'm going to try to continue to the end but the first three weeks is probably 15 minutes of videos with the most annoying music available playing for way too much of the content. I also didn't need to watch 10 seconds of an animated caveman grunting and smashing things on the screen. I would probably enjoy that part more if I felt that the information that is supposed to be learned over three weeks was more information than 5 pages in a book.

por Scott T

19 de mar. de 2020

The value of this course is entirely connected to the amount of independent reading the student completes. The videos are of little value, much of the information is old, several of the links are broken, instructions to students are unclear, and, the instructors do not interact with students or respond to their questions. Very disappointing.

por Adriano R P

13 de abr. de 2016

Too short lectures;

The study material is not properly defined, only entire books to read as reference;

The tasks/tests are all literal parts of the books to complete, no understanding of the subject is motivated, but memorizing and tiring reading of books without proper directions.

por Ryan

21 de dic. de 2015

Very very broad with no real depth. Basically a very light summary of what cybersecurity is. You could watch all of the videos in 30 min probably. The real course comes from the reading and peer discussions.

por Matthew M

20 de ene. de 2020

There are a lot of dead links in the materials to read. Also, while the resources provided are helpful, there is very little to no teaching in the course. It's simply reading the collection of materials.

por A. K

20 de ene. de 2020

This course was a predominantly a series of links to tons of readings punctuated by quizzes, very short videos, and one peer assignment. Many of the links did not work. The ones that did led to some reasonable documents, some 100+ page documents, and a 110+ slide presentation. One link ( led to an OpenLearn course that looked far better. It's material was self-contained and there were interactive questions throughout. The positives for this course were the one peer assignment and the fact that the ~2-minute videos were from a wide variety of security professionals. Overall, this has been one of the worst Coursera courses I've taken and I recommend scrubbing it and re-thinking the format for flow and interactivity.

por Martin M

24 de may. de 2019

The actual structure of the course and "10 domains" were not presented in a comprehensive way.

The course material was poor - video parts were very short and little more than reading a few high level bullets. Reading material was generally much out of date. The material were mainly links to govermental work (think: very dense reports of 100+ pages in administrative language) which was not up to date; from 2004, 2007, 2010, 2014 etc or even depricated.

The quizes were (too) easy, you could probably pass them without reading the material.

por Teresa T

8 de feb. de 2020

Worst course on Coursera I've ever taken. The videos are short 1-3 minute videos with very little substance or depth. The course consists mostly of long, boring readings (some of which are broken links). There is also no activity by the course instructors in the discussion forums. Multiple problems with the course have been pointed out in the discussion forums, but they have not been addressed at all. I would advise anyone interested in cybersecurity to take another course. This course was a complete waste of time for me.

por Jorge L J S

26 de dic. de 2019

This course is a waste of time, quality of the videos is really poor, I don't recommend to take this course if you have to take this course go straight to the test and if you fail any go to the readings. I finished the course because I won the certificate for free. I hope Coursera punish this kind of courses, the lack of effort the main knowledge you will learn from this course its from another online course ( they give you a link to another course) or Public information.

por Dr. N S

27 de dic. de 2019

The videos are only a few minutes long and not informative. You have to read a lot of documents before you can take the test. Without the documents it is impossible to pass the tests at the end of each module. The materials you have to read are old - some are from 2006 - there have been some changes in technology since then. Some other links are broken so that you cannot access the documents at all.

I cannot recommend this course.

por Roberto S

31 de ago. de 2015

Video content barely summarizes the outline of each module. The questions in the quiz are not "though provoking". Peer discussion are rather superficial and do not cover half the content of the course.

Readings are OK, show good sources, but there is no real discussion about them in the videos or in the quizzes.

por Sanket V

25 de ago. de 2019

waste of money i guess beacuse you are just getting a certificate but you wont get any knowledge after completing this. please guys dont do this there are all other great courses , invest in them. dont spend your money here.

por Lynn D P

17 de sep. de 2015

I did not find the lectures at all informative and the readings were not targeted enough to understand what items required focus and what information was more background. I did not find the course especially helpful.

por Ediemerson M A

14 de oct. de 2015

The videos are too short, without enough information about the topics. You have to read a lot, Actually, this course doesn't look like as others Coursera's courses and I don't recommend it.

por Eric G

6 de ene. de 2020

This course is pretty bad. Requests buying certification before every module. Material is sometimes 7+ years old. Broken links to materials. Glad I didn't pay for this.

por Sean W

23 de ago. de 2015

The content of the videos are just some engineer citing with some brief headline of security, it's lacking of depth and explanation, totally wasting my time !!

por Mihir M

10 de oct. de 2019

Need help to opt out of this course, it just gives links to other materials and some of them are even outdated and websites says documents withdrawn.

por Sibylle D

7 de ene. de 2017

Not very helpful, very stessfull music and only read definitions, do discussion or explanations to go deeper into the topic.

por Lucas S

30 de nov. de 2016

The design of this course seems rather lazy. There should have been more meaningful contents and discussions in the videos.

por Hrobky

18 de sep. de 2015

Too elementary. I would recommend this course for non-technical managers or security/coding beginners under the age of 13.

por David F

16 de ago. de 2015

Minimal video efforts, not enough content, and long readings. Definetly not a good course to get a verified certificate

por Gilles L

3 de sep. de 2015

A new generation of MOOC with REL available for free on the web as teaching ressources!

Already got that elsewhere...

por Josh H

14 de ago. de 2015

Short lectures, long intro, ridiculous music. Very quickly decided to learn this elsewhere.