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Acerca del Curso

Learn foundational programming concepts (e.g., functions, for loops, conditional statements) and how to solve problems like a programmer. In addition, learn basic web development as you build web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. By the end of the course, will create a web page where others can upload their images and apply image filters that you create. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Think critically about how to solve a problem using programming; 2. Write JavaScript programs using functions, for loops, and conditional statements; 3. Use HTML to construct a web page with paragraphs, divs, images, links, and lists; 4. Add styles to a web page with CSS IDs and classes; and 5. Make a web page interactive with JavaScript commands like alert, onClick, onChange, adding input features like an image canvas, button, and slider....

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16 de jul. de 2020

Excellent course .

Just felt that there should be examples that could help someone to understand in a more better way.The videos were good and were very simple and easy to understand then the text.


5 de oct. de 2015

This is the first course I am taking in The valuable instructors of Duke University designed and created a masterpiece for learners. Thank you so much guys. Greets from Istanbul, Turkey.

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por R M A

12 de ene. de 2019


por Andrew W

25 de sep. de 2021

Personally I do not think this course is very beginner friendly at all..... The first week was nice and slow then week 2 just blasted me in the face and its moving very very fast and hard to grasp it all at once. I feel like I need to take some other courses first and then come back to this one.

por Slobodan O

16 de mar. de 2020

Before I started this course I knew virtually nothing about JS and a bit about HTML and CSS. My short-term goal was to grasp the basics of front end programming because I'm working as a business developer for a software house so I can communicate more effectively with my fellow developers, and a medium-term intent to create my own website from scratch. The lecture pace was perfectly tailored for my routine, half an hour a day from Monday to Friday before sleeping and an hour and a half during the weekend.

Professors are well-skilled and they've presented content in a clear and easily understood manner, even though some of them are not that comfortable with the camera and lack some "acting" skills, but you don't expect that all computer engineers are Steve Jobs of public speaking.

Programming tools, learning materials, and course UI are more practical than attractive but everything is just a click away and I've never felt that something was redundant or unclear, so good job Blue Devils, thank you for making easier my first step into the world where everything is a number (even colors) and building blocks of functional and responsive websites are variables, methods, functions, algorithms, attributes, classes, divisions, canvases, event handlers, pixel coordinates, etc.

Oh, yes, one of my biggest takeaways, and something I'll definitely use when explaining the importance and the price behind the analysis and design aspects of our services: work the MF'ing example by hand so you know what you need to do once you start writing code, then start asap with debugging until everything is just as you want it to be ;)



por Chen S

14 de ene. de 2019

Good Class, Enjoying it

por Natalka B

12 de jun. de 2020

This says it is a beginners course that you don't need any prior knowledge. That is not true. I'm a beginner with no prior knowledge and I found this course extremely difficult to follow. The videos did not "dumb" it down enough for me, the "Try It's" were very hard and I found I couldn't figure out how to write the code they were telling to do in these "Try it's" They have resources and keep referring you back to the video, which I did not find helpful. I had to seek external help from other programs and people(not in the forums, because they were useless and many people had the same questions I did and there didn't seem to be any good, working, useful answers). This was a very frustrating course. I would like to finish the other 4 parts of the specialization but I will have to wait and come back to them after I have take other course to get a better understand of how to write JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

por Daniel S

15 de feb. de 2021

Doesn't explain things well when it comes to JavaScript. They just expect you to jump in and start coding without telling you how to do it. I couldn't pass the tests or do the assignments because I didn't know what I was doing after watching the lectures and reading the material several times. Things like this are very easy for me and I pick things up quickly but I couldn't get the concepts with this so I quit the course.

por Jingxuan W

27 de may. de 2019

it's way too easy. I would say after one completes this course, he still has absolutely no ability to get into real web development work. No JQuery, no IIFEs, almost no JavaScript application besides the simplest functions, no Layout instructions, no css style conventions, no media query. The only 'real' method learned insert picture depends on Duke's server while it doesn't have to.

por Jason W F

28 de may. de 2016

I learned eight lines of Java code in four weeks, and we never implemented any of it into a web application (viz, a script that actually runs in a live website). Read a book instead. It's cheaper, takes about the same amount of time, and you learn a lot more. I gave it a star because one was the minimum. It should be zero because it wasted my time.

por Driton M

31 de oct. de 2015

Definitely not a course for a beginners, very confusing. The part with the Javascript is a real horror for beginners and even challenging for some newly programmers!

por Namibia T

23 de jul. de 2017

I really enjoyed the class! However, after looking through responses that some students received from mentors, I had the impression that some of the mentors behaved contrary to what their title suggestions. Mentors are there to guide students in their learning, however some of the condescending responses mentors were giving some students were discouraging of learning. Again, not all mentors did this, but I think it's worth going through all of the responses students receive and providing facilitation training for mentors so that they have appropriate responses, criticism that is constructive rather than destructive, for students who may be struggling with their code or the content.

por Heather T

22 de ene. de 2019

I have tried multiple times to learn javascript and have always failed. This class bridged the gap for me and made it easy to learn. Great job Duke & Coursera!

por Ian T

29 de nov. de 2017

I really did not enjoy using CodePen and Duke's portal to complete the assignments. They are unrealistic to use in the real world.

Secondly, HMTL and CSS felt very straightforward. However, Javascript felt like an entirely new world. I think lessons and extra time should be taken to explain the semantics A LOT more slowly and methodically than what was done. I found myself severely confused for the large part of this class in the last 1/3 of the course.

por Max P Y

9 de nov. de 2021

I acknowledge the high level of the syllabus, it was really designed to bring some advanced contents although advertised as "for beginners". I really felt like nobody reviewed the materials - at least not as thoroughly as they should have - and, as we all know, in programming if you can't find the error very soon you become really frustrated, especially if you're a beginner. You can imagine the overwhelming feeling when you realize that the error was in the instructions, the PowerPoint slides, or in the video, as a single period or comma can really bring unnecessary anxiety and waste a lot of the students' time. Of course we are all here to learn but I did expect more care in preparing those precious materials. To top this off, numerous times I had this feeling I missed an explanation then I would watch and re-watch the videos carefully, and still could not figure it out. I didn't know teaching 20% and asking for 60% in the assessments was supposed to be productive or bring good results. In programming you learn by practicing as long as it is properly directed. So, my advice to people who are considering this course is: be prepared to give your 110% because this course is way more demanding than advertised. And it isn't as interactive as it should. You really feel very lonely in the journey because you'll be spending nights by yourself trying to figure out where is the error in your code. Good news is the forums are full of people on the same boat and there will be a lot of help from other students - sometimes, unfortunately, the only way will be asking for a good soul to post their code, after trying it by yourself for hours to an end. Or maybe the error was in the instructions. All the same.

por Alexander F

17 de dic. de 2019

Anyone could have taught this course because the whole thing was scripted. All the "Teachers" were doing was reading from a prompt instead of using their actual knowledge to actually teach. This course was obsessed with their own JavaScript library that they never taught basic JavaScript foundations and principles. They barely gave you what you needed to complete their assignments and then when you review their example code they have extra functions and code that isn't listed in the assignment. Yet they expect you to know it without explaining it. I cannot recommend this course unless you are specifically trying to learn the Duke Universities specific libraries. Oh and their shows just how much they do not know what they are doing. The website's interface is not user-friendly and a big mess. They really show that they know nothing about useability yet they are suppose to be teaching about the foundations of programming. Yet they can't even make their own website functional. Makes me question the quality of learning at Duke University if this is how they represent themselves.

por Jonathan C

11 de ene. de 2016

This course is misleading in a lot of ways. It is not for beginners at all. The quizzes in the course are beyond impossible. The lecture videos give an introduction to some concepts, but you are left on your own to figure everything out. They do not provide the proper tools to enable students to understand or pass. Reading through a lot of the discussion boards, there are two types of students: 1. those like me, who have never programmed in their life, and cannot figure any of this out, and 2. Those who have all sorts of experience and write things that are way advanced for a "Beginners" course.

Do yourself a favor, and seriously do some research on appropriate programs before signing up for this one. It needs to be structured way better than what it is now.

por Cihad Ö

12 de ago. de 2016

The most terrible course I have ever seen in my life and on this site. For some of quiz questions, you feel like you are dumb because you can not make connection between lectures and quizzes. I really wanted to learn java on coursera but It seems impossible to me. Focusing on rbg values and image thingies too much and making me feel uncomfortable at quizzes after watching all those lectures are the main reasons of giving 1 star.

por Nathan w

19 de jul. de 2020

I didnt learn a thing after week 1. Week 2 is horrible and it just gets worse from there. The tests/quizzes tell you to go back to the videos to help understand the questions, if you got them wrong. When the videos dont answer anything in the first place.

If you think you can figure it out, by all means, try it. But i wouldnt recommend this just on how poorly done week 2 is.

por Adam P

24 de may. de 2016

Really poor course. Rather than starting from the basics, this course picks random information to work with. Week 1 was information anybody with a computer knows. Week 2 was really good. Week 3 and 4 were completely useless. Rather than starting from the basics they jump into picture manipulation and encoding. Don't take this class if you want to learn about coding.

por Jason H

1 de may. de 2017

Concentrated on image manipulation which would be ok if you wanted to build visual websites for a living. If you want to code anything like business applications (like I did) I wouldn't do this course.

Because pixel manipulation wasn't something I was interested in (in the JavaScript section) at all I found the course really boring but it was too late to pull out.

por Jordan T H

18 de feb. de 2017

So many better options out there to learn to code. The videos on this course had me so confused that I eventually gave up and went to another website to learn what I was supposed to be learning here. Asked a question on the forum that another student was also having a problem and nobody answered me.

Very very boring. Try somewhere else.

por Robert D C

13 de ene. de 2016

I wanted to learn more about programming, but instead I found myself tested on RGB combinations and building a website straight out of 1998. The course is scatter and although it claims to be for beginners, it covers programming concepts rather quickly. If i hadn't taken other programming classes, I would have been lost.

por Simion H

19 de ago. de 2019

I cannot use this course.

The learning steps are two big and not explained.

Instead of taking us with small steps, they show a bit of content (insufficient) and expect solving it without prior knowledge. In this respect I have had much better course with Udemy; would have expected better teaching skills on Coursera.


29 de mar. de 2016

The JAVASCRIPT part of the course was to difficult for me I didn't understand enough. I would like to see more tutorial.

por Satti K R

17 de jun. de 2020

i want to leave

por Ekaterina V

7 de ene. de 2021

My prior experience in programming consisted of several lessons on Pascal back in school about 13 years ago, so (apart from vague if/else memories) I started with zero experience. I found this course quite exciting, often challenging, but in a good way. For some reason, "peer review grade" is stated in the course info, but there is no such thing. You might post a link to your webpage for your classmates to review, but it's optional and doesn't affect your grades. To complete the course, you'll need to do your coding and answer quiz questions based on that. Basically, nobody ever sees your code, because posting whole programs in the forums is forbidden, and the only grades you get come from quizzes. You can post a piece of code if you're stuck though. I can't fully approve this approach, but in general the course is fine.

In my opinion, this course might be a great opportunity to decide whether you enjoy spending time coding or not. If not - you might still have some fun.