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Computer-Aided Design (CAD)Autodesk3d modelingAutocad

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Sugerido: 5 weeks of study...

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Subtítulos: Inglés (English)

Programa - Qué aprenderás en este curso

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Sketching and modeling

17 videos (Total 52 minutos), 3 lecturas, 2 cuestionarios
17 videos
Get the software1m
Fusion 360 user interface update overview4m
Week overview39s
Changing file units1m
Starting a sketch3m
Sketching basics: Sketch palette2m
Sketching basics: Geometry creation4m
Sketching basics: Adding dimensions3m
Sketching basics: Constraints5m
Sketching basics: Attached Canvas4m
Sketching basics: Applied Sketching4m
Feature Pattern creation2m
Creating a construction plane1m
Combine boolean operations2m
3 lecturas
Sketching and modeling resources10m
About the discussion forum2m
Online learning communities and social media5m
2 ejercicios de práctica
Pre-course questions10m
Week 1 quiz10m
1 hora para completar

Sculpt and sheet metal

10 videos (Total 40 minutos), 1 lectura, 1 cuestionario
10 videos
Create a box primitive4m
Edit form using Translate, Rotate and Scale5m
Crease edge2m
Flatten subdivided faces1m
Sketching for sheet metal7m
Sheet metal flanges7m
Sheet metal rules4m
Creating a flat pattern2m
Flat pattern drawing2m
1 lectura
Sculpt and sheet metal resources10m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Week 2 quiz10m
1 hora para completar

Render, animation, and drawing

14 videos (Total 38 minutos), 1 lectura, 1 cuestionario
14 videos
Render scene setup3m
Change appearances2m
In-canvas render4m
Cloud processed render2m
Creating exploded views4m
Changing animation appearances2m
Recording an animation view3m
Publish an animation2m
Creating a drawing from a design1m
Adding drawing views2m
Dimensioning a drawing view2m
Editing drawing title block data1m
Publishing a drawing to PDF2m
1 lectura
Render, animation, and drawing resources10m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Week 3 quiz10m
1 hora para completar


9 videos (Total 21 minutos), 1 lectura, 1 cuestionario
9 videos
Static stress overview2m
Setting simulation study material3m
Creating a load1m
Adding a constraint1m
Automatic contact sets1m
Mesh settings2m
Simulation pre-check1m
Solving a simulation5m
1 lectura
Simulation resources10m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Week 4 quiz10m
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Principales revisiones sobre Autodesk Fusion 360 Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE

por KJAug 14th 2019

Gave a very basic and clear knowledge about the rendering, simulation and computer-aided manufacturing. Excited for more in-depth learning of these facilities provided by the software.

por NNJul 10th 2019

The tools for the new version of Fusion are different that the videos. Should be great if the videos are updated as well. Good way to get knowledge in this program

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The future of making is here, bringing with it radical changes in the way things are designed, made, and used. And it’s disrupting every industry. With the right knowledge and tools, this disruption is your opportunity—whether you're an entrepreneur, designer, or engineer. Today’s dominant technology trends—cloud computing, mobile technology, social connection, and collaboration—are driving businesses and consumers alike to explore profoundly different ways to design, make, and use things. This kind of industry transformation has happened before, but the pace of change is now much faster. In today’s competitive landscape, anyone can be an innovator—and it’s all about who innovates first. Through this specialization, you will learn the foundations of product innovation and digital manufacturing while developing your technical skills within Autodesk® Fusion 360™. Plus, by completing this Specialization, you’ll unlock an Autodesk Credential as further recognition of your success! The Autodesk Credential comes with a digital badge and certificate, which you can add to your resume and share on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Sharing your Autodesk Credential can signal to hiring managers that you’ve got the right skills for the job and you’re up on the latest industry trends like digital manufacturing....
CAD and Digital Manufacturing

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  • Visit this page to learn how to download Fusion 360 and to learn about the Autodesk Education license terms.

  • Fusion 360 is available for free to all users as a 30-day trial version. A free, 1-year startup license is also available for hobbyists, enthusiasts, makers, and emerging businesses that make less than $100k in revenue per year. After one year, you can reselect the startup entitlement or transition to a commercial entitlement.

    Professionals earning more than $100k annually can purchase a Fusion 360 subscription as an annual or monthly license. For more information, visit the Fusion 360 subscribe page:

  • Fusion 360 is both MAC and PC compatible. System requirements can be found here:

  • Installation support for Fusion 360 can be found in the Autodesk Knowledge Network:

  • The Autodesk Fusion 360 gallery is a great resource for design inspiration. With Fusion 360, file sharing is easy. Follow the instructions for sharing a file in Fusion 360 and share your design in the gallery.



  • The Autodesk Certified User program offers students an opportunity to validate their Fusion 360 skills to prepare for professional careers in design and engineering. The certification exam is offered through 14,000 Certiport Testing Centers, and is available to students, educators, and professionals. To learn more about the Autodesk Certified user certification, visit

  • Autodesk offers several programs that provide opportunities for developing your Fusion 360 skills. Earn recognition from industry pros through Autodesk Design for Industry challenges. The Design for Industry challenges are offered several times per year and are a great way to apply your software and design skills and develop your portfolio. For more information, visit

    If you are ready to learn new skills, build important relationships, and gain practical experience, then it’s time to embark on your path to becoming an Autodesk Student Expert. Start by entering the Student Expert Orientation:

  • Yes, you do have the option to audit the courses in this specialization. Please note you must audit each course individually.

    When you audit a course: • You'll be able to see most of the course materials for free, but you won't be able to submit assignments or get grades for your work. • You won't be able to submit assignments for feedback or a grade. • You won't get a Course or Specialization Certificate.

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