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What is machine learning, and what kinds of problems can it solve? Google thinks about machine learning slightly differently -- of being about logic, rather than just data. We talk about why such a framing is useful for data scientists when thinking about building a pipeline of machine learning models. Then, we discuss the five phases of converting a candidate use case to be driven by machine learning, and consider why it is important the phases not be skipped. We end with a recognition of the biases that machine learning can amplify and how to recognize this. >>> By enrolling in this specialization you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...

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5 de nov. de 2018

Great to know how to do machine learning in scale and to know the common pitfalls people may fall into while doing ML. Provides great hands-on training on GCP and get to know various API's GCP offers.

20 de mar. de 2019

Really easy with all instruction.I didnt feel bored at any point gave me the basic idea of what is machine learning and how easy google made API's and cloud platform for machine learning\n\nThank you

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por Hasan M

22 de ago. de 2018

A very good introduction to ML as Google sees it. A lot of focus on using Google products to solve ML problems and the various options Data Scientists have on Google cloud Platforms. Overall Good content but certainly room for improvement, to deliver a coherent story across the course and focus on the Why's (ML principles & logic) of doing things vs. the How's (Google's platform) of doing things.

por Armen F

27 de ene. de 2019

This course lacks high-level organization, and the videos are not well organized in the Coursera portal compared to other courses. Also, the level of detail is very superficial. This is good for beginners or business/marketing people, not so much for advanced programmers. The assignments are also too easy, since every step is pretty much done for you and they do not promote independent thinking.

por Chris S

23 de nov. de 2020

Great tour of the kind of things that GCP enables. Would recommend that you ensure that you have a github account and familiarity with Jupyter Lab before you start so that you can take notes and a small code base with you after you finish the course. I expect and hope that the remaining four courses in the GCP for ML specialization will give more implementation level confidence.

por Thanos A

29 de may. de 2018

I found the beginning of this course a bit boring as it described a lot on google's strategy and organization on the subject. The second half of the course though, introducing datalab and python notebooks was exciting and very good to start playing with GCP services (compute and storage)

por Muskan B

27 de oct. de 2021

The course wasn't very easy to follow as there were codes and various terms that were used which not everyone would be familiar with. This course is not for a beginner for sure but also not for an advanced student. The delivery was amazing though. The content was ggrrreeaatttttt!

por Raymond L

4 de may. de 2021

The main speaker was moving too much and not engaging enough. The course materials could be rearranged to facilitate better use of the colab. There were a very accented speaker, I think from Europe, who had terrible organization of speech and also bad pronunciation.

por Ross B

23 de oct. de 2018

Qwiklabs did not connect to all services on GCP properly. I had to setup my own environment. This should be fixed to ensure a better learning environment. Apart from this it provides a good intro to Google´s ML approach & strategy.

por Troy P

6 de nov. de 2021

Some really good parts (like bias,) but generally a bit out of sync with the platform. Also, the quiz questions often seem to be out of sync with the videos; either questions answered later in the course or not covered at all.

por Cooper C

15 de ene. de 2020

This course is just ok. It is not interactive and I don't feel that I learned much when compared with other ML courses. I expected to work through the lab assignments rather than to simply click through them.

por Augusto L d C S

5 de abr. de 2020

Muita teoria, pouquíssima prática e alguns materiais desatualizados. Mas em geral, ainda um bom curso para uma visão geral sobre ML. Ainda acho que um único vídeo de 40min resolveria todo esse conteúdo.

por Kris W

6 de oct. de 2018

Some labs need to be updated (since GCP has been updated), but overall the course was informative. Also there is a quiz with formatting that makes it impossible to know how to answer. Please fix this.

por Kumar D

13 de sep. de 2020

This course was more of like everything about google, and what google did etc etc. and less focused on actual teaching.

Even though I am going to take the next course and will see what i get there.

por Abhijeet S

24 de ene. de 2019

Good course to get started. I personally didn't like the idea of using sandboxes for teaching instead I would have appreciated to use our own account with the free 300 dollar credit.

por Alexandru S

26 de may. de 2018

Very basic and short.

Some good information about the ML APIs, but very, very easy to pass and all code is copy and paste. Calling this Intermediate is a big stretch.

por Shovan B

2 de may. de 2020

It could be better if lab challenges were described in more detail. For image characteristic what should be the type, from where it can be known was not explained.

por Charles O

6 de jul. de 2018

Course was good but to expensive..Could not pay for it because I lost my Job as a Solution Architect in one of the leading Global IT company ..Not Google

por Eduardo F Z

5 de may. de 2020

The labs should be available to people that only want to learn and not to achieve the certificate. What's the point in this learning restriction?

por Ritayan G

28 de mar. de 2020

Starts off in a very drab and boring manner, but the hands on labs were very interesting. The ML APIs introduced in the end were revolutionary.

por Aurian N

14 de abr. de 2019

This course is good if you want to learn google cloud but there is not much related to machine learning. Mainly presenting google tools

por Rahul K

6 de oct. de 2018

It was way too clumsy. Google could have put it in simpler and not so boring way. People expect a lot more from google than this.

por Dimitry I

28 de oct. de 2019

I guess it wasn't what I really expected. Mostly a showcase of Google technologies and not a course where you get to learn much.

por Billu

13 de mar. de 2019

Good big-picture introduction. Course is completely out of sync with the Google Cloud Platform UI, so it is really exasperating.

por vijay k

28 de jul. de 2018

It gave the basic introduction of how to use google API of ML, not explained about how it is achieved, like algorithm logic

por selvaraj m

27 de may. de 2019

There were many places where the downloaded libraries in the qwicklabs that didn't match with the code given in the course

por Ramin A

31 de may. de 2018

I enjoyed the small talks about having successful AI startups very much, but the labs didn't teach me much of anything.