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This course gives you the background needed to understand basic Cybersecurity. You will learn the history of Cybersecurity, types and motives of cyber attacks to further your knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals. Key terminology, basic system concepts and tools will be examined as an introduction to the Cybersecurity field. You will learn about critical thinking and its importance to anyone looking to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. Finally, you will begin to learn about organizations and resources to further research cybersecurity issues in the Modern era. This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of Cybersecurity or as the first course in a series of courses to acquire the skills to work in the Cybersecurity field as a Jr Cybersecurity Analyst. The completion of this course also makes you eligible to earn the Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks IBM digital badge. More information about the badge can be found

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14 de ago. de 2020

The reading link to Week 03's Framework and their purpose is Broken. Please Fix it. Everything else seemed perfect. I would recommend this course for people who think of starting their careers in CyS.


25 de feb. de 2023

Being An IT Person I learned alot from this course and hope ill get more from this till now whatever i learned from this i got enough good experience and knowledge of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

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por Nicholas H

20 de sep. de 2020

The excellent knowledge and information is held back by occasional mic quality of the educators and in some cases, inexperience in speaking. The documented texts of their lessons mitigates these problems in most cases, but when a speaker's speech is free-flowing, it can be difficult to follow even while reading and in some instances, the computer itself misinterprets a word or simply fails to understand the word itself. Overall, a strong course that teaches the basics of Cybersecurity. Learned a lot and hope to learn more.

por Shabana N

18 de oct. de 2020

The course was geared to a non-IT professional like myself. It has given me valuable insights into the basics of cybersecurity, the jargon, the very fundamental tools for cybersecurity, and the impact of lax cybersecurity on organisation and individual.

One aspect may be improved: the audio could be improved in several videos, as it went low and high. Due to the variety of English accents, it was difficult to follow some of the videos.

Overall nice course; thanks to IBM for creating it.

por Safoorah M

14 de jul. de 2020

The Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks was an interesting introductory course. I learned many security concepts regarding Cybersecurity. Some of the lessons were really hard to understand because they were high-security level/technical lectures. As an entry-level cybersecurity individual, it was tough to grasp the information. Overall, I enjoyed this course and hope to keep learning IBM Cybersecurity Analyst!

Thanks to all of the professors for the lessons.


5 de abr. de 2020

In terms of the material, as an introductory course is ok. There was a lot of inconsistencies on how the slides where presented and audio quality, so most of the times I needed to adapt to the presentators. There were some short videos that could easily be edited and prevent noises, non-audible parts and clear pronunciation when naming acronyms that were not presented in the visual material. Some of the quizes had question with no good answer.. i tried them.

por Allison P

23 de ene. de 2022


The course was easy to follow and capture the essential points of the lessons. However, due to some language proficiency of some of the speakers, it was not always easy to understand what they were saying at times. Additionally, sometimes the notes or what was presented was not always covered for what was asked on some of the quizzes and tests. It was apparent though of the expertise of the speakers. Overall though this was a great introductory course.

por adam o

1 de mar. de 2022

the audio quality was poor in many of the videos which made it difficult to understand sometimes and I had to rewatch some of the videos several times beause of this, the information provided was very good. There were times the information provided referencedd material that was more advanced than the current topic and I would have to look up information they referenced in order to understand the topic. but otherwise the information was informative.


13 de may. de 2020

The overall course was good, but in some lecture videos the voice of the instructor was not clear and there were times when the transcript was not accurate. I was quite familier with many terms of cyber security used in the course because of which I was able to understand the correct term but I think if some one who newly start with cyber security, he will not understand many terms. I hope these things will be solved for future learners.

por Tamim U i

19 de jun. de 2020

This is very good and i came to know a lot of different things about Cyber security and others similar topic and it encouraged me to learn more about this topic in future.

One thing, that is the audio quality of some lessons was not so good, that was a little bit problem for me to understand.And also some instructors pronunciation was a little harder to understand.

But the topics are easy to understand and easy to learn .

por Noshin A

19 de ene. de 2023

Its a great into course to get you started into the world of cybersecurity. I wasn't familiar with some terms so you have to do independent research outside of coursera to understand those more. But an issue that I kept coming across with is that for many video notes, the text will read inaudible so even if you don't understand what the instructor is saying, the correct words are not reflected via text.

por Abdullah I

2 de oct. de 2022

i enjoyed the course and was very informative for a beginner,which i have learned enough basic introduction to the course and I intend to further into cyber security progromm to enable me swich my carrer to the IT world and i recommend the coursera t anyone who wants to venture into cyber security.

The only setback was it would have been wonderful if we could have practics of all the tools we learnt.

por shaban h

4 de dic. de 2020

First I would like to thank all the organizations and staffs for making search a place where you can get different skills making Education affordable to those who are not much privilege's affording the knowledge. I myself I feel blessed and thankful at my level having finishing the Introduction to cyber security and tools though it is much abroad but I have the spirit in continuing to be more advanced.

por Fatah A

27 de sep. de 2020

The course is pretty good but the lecturer in some videos is too fast and some videos have bad quality, but overall this is a really good course they bring the material professionally. Although some people say the course is outdated but I don't think so as the course teaches you about concepts most of the time. I recommend taking a look at this course and check out whether this suits you or not.

por Shayeidre C

23 de sep. de 2022

The course material was very descriptive and understandable (some were challenging!!) ! I rate a 4 due to my experience with the quizzes, some answers were marked as incorrect when they were in fact correct based on the material presented in the slides and provided by the instructors. Also, the audio for some instructors had a lot of feedback making the instructor inaudible at times. Thanks!

por Naif A

12 de oct. de 2020

A good amount of the videos are not clear audio-wise and visually, some of the things are INAUDIBLE and the transcripts in those cases do not help at all. I think it would be better off for you guys and for us to update the videos with a higher resolution and a better speaker or at least for that speaker to speak through a more CLEAR microphone and take their time when saying the terms.

por Pedro S

20 de jul. de 2022

Ótimo curso, oferece uma visão bem detalhada sobre os conceitos princiapalmente para o lado administrativo e gerencial da Cyber Segurança.

Ele é perfeito para inciantes para esse ambiente, porém eu aconselho a ter uma base do que é a Cyber Segunrança em geral para esse curo. O curso pode melhorar a qualdiade das imagens e do audio de alguns capitulos que são bem complicados de entender

por Andrew N H

13 de oct. de 2020

The quality of the sound and videos could have better and the information up to date because we are in 2020 and I found they were giving information from 2016/2017. Also the subtitle were bad for when we couldn’t understand the audio so sometimes it’s was a bit difficult. But overall I enjoyed it and I learnt a lot from this course and looking forward to continue onto a different one.

por David O

9 de jul. de 2022

It was a very wonderful experience and learning process. But some aspects need some re-adjustments. Like there were a couple of times whereby I was sure that I got the answers to a quiz question correct and then I end up failing the quiz. Even after I go watch the video again, I will see that the answer I picked was correct, but it will be marked wrong for me in the test.

por Racquel D

17 de sep. de 2020

Everything was great except for the fact that one of the instructors, his notes were not very good as they did not explain the concepts thoroughly. He also was not very good at explaining said concepts at a beginner pace. The other instructor, however, (he had an accent), his slides were excellent, and he was through at explaining the concepts in a digestible manner.

por Becca A

12 de ene. de 2022

The course was quite detailed and informative, however I found the video and the presentation of the content rather low quality. It was difficult to understand some of the topics because of the ineffective communication skill possessed by the tutor. I wasn't really impressed with the course especially because it was put together by such a reputable company as IBM.

por Eliana K

11 de may. de 2022

This is a good introductory course. I wish more specific reference material was used, such as a glossary of new terms for newcomers, and walkthroughs of real historic eventsto acompany the theory cartoons. One instructor spoke too softly and did not speak in complete thougths most of the time, causing me to have to outsource the learning concept content elsewhere.

por Iftekhar M T

26 de jun. de 2020

It's going to be a quality informative course for anybody getting into as well as be a super refresher for who is already in the cybersecurity field. One downside: audio quality really below the par (which is unexpected from a company like IBM) combined with some of the speakers not having good communication skills resulted in a lack of clear understanding.

por Nik B

15 de nov. de 2022

In overall good but some technical issues exits.

Some images on the videos are unreadable.

Some of the lectors are very difficult to listen bc they constantly losing point of what they are talking about. Hard to listen person and read slide in the same when they don't read what's on slide.

Some part are just repeating previous parts in different words.

por Sherman K

27 de sep. de 2022

Helpful introduction to someone completely green to this field. This course could use more regular updates to materials as it is clear that some of these are more than a few years old and some links are dead. Could also be helpful if a glossary is available for terms which i suppose have been taken for granted by those more experience in the field.

por Guylian D W

25 de abr. de 2020

The course content was good, One speaker was not as good due to the bad use of English and low microphone quality. Luckily i could still read the dialogue under the video to understand what he was saying.

Aside from that i enjoyed the course a lot, and I'm looking forward to starting the other 3 chapters of specialization offered by Coursera and IBM.

por Daniele C

21 de ago. de 2021

Very good course to have a basic understanding of cybersecurity world, rich in external links and material. Some work must be done self-teaching. I do not rate 5 stars only because some lectures present transcript mistakes, a few inaudible parts here and there and some acronyms used are not explained - in those cases, Google is our friend anyway.