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100 % en línea

Comienza de inmediato y aprende a tu propio ritmo.

Fechas límite flexibles

Restablece las fechas límite en función de tus horarios.

Nivel principiante

Aprox. 13 horas para completar

Sugerido: 4 weeks of study, 3 levels of commitment: Learn (1.5h/week), Engage (3h/week), Go Further (3+h/week)...

Inglés (English)

Subtítulos: Inglés (English)

Programa - Qué aprenderás en este curso

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Getting started

4 lecturas
4 lecturas
Introduction: Know Thyself @ Wireless Philosophy6m
About this course5m
Course assessments and exercises5m
Optional companion book
3 horas para completar

Socrates and the Examined Life

8 videos (Total 48 minutos), 6 lecturas, 7 cuestionarios
8 videos
Is anyone wiser than Socrates?4m
I know that I know (almost) nothing6m
Meditative moment3m
Is an unexamined life worth living?5m
"Not to be lived"10m
What is knowledge good for?8m
6 lecturas
Existentialist Comics - The "Apology"10m
Know Thyself, Chapter One10m
Interesting videos and podcasts10m
Plato's Apology - full text10m
'Socrates' by Professor Deborah Nails10m
'The Delphic Oracle: A Multidisciplinary Defense of the Gaseous Vent Theory' By Spiller et al10m
7 ejercicios de práctica
Initial thoughts
Practice Quiz 1: The Oracle
Practice Quiz 2: knowledge, wisdom and ignorance
Knowledge and ignorance15m
Do you agree?5m
Module One Quiz: 5 questions assessed10m
Chapter One Quiz10m
4 horas para completar

Descartes' Essence

9 videos (Total 66 minutos), 7 lecturas, 6 cuestionarios
9 videos
What can be called into doubt?9m
Are you dreaming now?7m
I think, therefore I am8m
Concerning God9m
The physical and the mental6m
Divisibility of mind and body4m
Meditative moment2m
7 lecturas
Know Thyself, Chapter Two10m
Interesting videos and podcasts10m
Brief essay on Descartes' argument for dualism10m
Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy10m
Correspondence between Descartes and Princess Elisabeth10m
Prof. Christia Mercer on Descartes' debt to Teresa of Avila10m
Rationalism vs Empiricism10m
6 ejercicios de práctica
Initial thoughts5m
Practice Quiz 12m
Practice Quiz 22m
Evaluate Descartes' argument10m
Evaluate the arguments again10m
Module Two Quiz: 5 questions assessed10m
3 horas para completar

A re-casting of the Mind/Body problem

8 videos (Total 61 minutos), 7 lecturas, 5 cuestionarios
8 videos
Ghost in the machine8m
Stupid is, as stupid does9m
Embodied cognition11m
Priviledged access8m
Locked in3m
The materialist strikes back6m
Meditative moment3m
7 lecturas
Know Thyself, chapter three10m
Interesting videos and podcasts10m
On embodied cognition10m
Gilbert Ryle, The Concept of Mind
Gilbert Ryle at the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy10m
Locked-In Syndrome10m
Another MOOC: more about embodied cognition
5 ejercicios de práctica
Initial thoughts5m
Practice quiz2m
More know-how intelligence2m
Examples of failed phosphorescence or introspection/infallibility15m
Module Three Quiz: 5 questions assessed10m
4 horas para completar

MIND AND SELF: Some Aspects of Human Nature

7 videos (Total 50 minutos), 8 lecturas, 5 cuestionarios
7 videos
Investigating human nature7m
How best to live?8m
Theory of human emotions8m
Non-basic emotions7m
Second nature8m
Meditative moment2m
8 lecturas
Existentialist Comics - Sartre10m
Human nature: Six things we all do (New Scientist)20m
Human nature matters (Aeon)20m
Some interesting videos and podcasts30m
Read more about Confucius, Mencius, and Xunzi (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)10m
Read more about Sartre, Existentialism, and Nothingness (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)10m
Steve Darwall: Empathy, Sympathy, Care10m
More on basic emotions10m
5 ejercicios de práctica
Initial thoughts5m
Your rituals2m
Human nature as an excuse15m
Part of human nature?2m
Module Four Quiz: 5 questions assessed10m
3 horas para completar

Final assessment

4 lecturas, 1 cuestionario
4 lecturas
Share what you've learned by editing the Wikipedia entry on self-knowledge!1h
A brief How-To10m
The Unconscious
Losing Oneself
45 revisionesChevron Right


consiguió un beneficio tangible en su carrera profesional gracias a este curso


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Principales revisiones sobre Know Thyself - The Value and Limits of Self-Knowledge: The Examined Life

por TGSep 3rd 2018

I learned a lot about what self-knowledge and how it can enhance my life. The lectures and forum discussions were very thought-provoking. The meditative moments were an added bonus!

por RRSep 7th 2018

this course was super well explained, lovely to watch, and very easy to absorb and apply to self through the introspection questions.



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