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Subtítulos: Inglés (English), Vietnamita, Ruso (Russian), Chino (simplificado)

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OnboardingTalent ManagementCoachingRecruitment
Los estudiantes que toman este Course son
  • HR Specialists
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Care Reps
  • Psychologists
  • Project Managers

100 % en línea

Comienza de inmediato y aprende a tu propio ritmo.

Fechas límite flexibles

Restablece las fechas límite en función de tus horarios.

Aprox. 16 horas para completar

Sugerido: 4 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week...

Inglés (English)

Subtítulos: Inglés (English), Vietnamita, Ruso (Russian), Chino (simplificado)

Programa - Qué aprenderás en este curso

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The Talent Pipeline

8 videos (Total 76 minutos), 4 lecturas, 3 cuestionarios
8 videos
01.02 - Strategy First and HR Planning14m
01.03 - Recruitment and Your Recruitment Brand8m
01.04 - Recruiting Methods8m
01.05 - Selection17m
01.06 - Selecting Talent at Menlo Innovations1m
01.07 - Onboarding11m
01.08 - Onboarding at Menlo Innovations3m
4 lecturas
Help us learn more about you!10m
Introduction to Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations2m
Notice for Auditing Learners: Assignment Submission10m
Unit Lecture Slides
3 ejercicios de práctica
Describe Your Brand6m
Recruiting Methods Video2m
The Talent Pipeline20m
4 horas para completar

Managing Performance Evaluation and Feedback

11 videos (Total 74 minutos), 2 lecturas, 2 cuestionarios
11 videos
02.02 - Measuring Results and Behaviors10m
02.03 - Implications of Performance Measurement Systems4m
02.04 - Jeff Brodsky on Forced Distributions3m
02.05 - Rich Sheridan on Forced Distributions1m
02.06 - 360 Degree Feedback7m
02.07 - Using 360 Degree Feedback8m
02.08 - Receiving and Seeking Developmental Feedback5m
02.09 - Rater Errors9m
02.10 - Stereotypes in Performance Evaluations9m
02.11 - Recap2m
2 lecturas
Introduction to Jeff Brodsky, Chief Human Resources Officer at Morgan Stanley2m
Unit Lecture Slides
1 ejercicios de práctica
Managing Performance Evaluation and Feedback20m
3 horas para completar

Developing and Coaching Your People

16 videos (Total 116 minutos), 5 lecturas, 1 cuestionario
16 videos
03.02 - The Business Case for Developing Talent10m
03.03 - Assessing Key Drivers of Performance9m
03.04 - Assessing Strengths or Weaknesses?9m
03.05 - 5 Questions to Help Create "Stretch" Experiences8m
03.06 - Using Stretch Assignments to Develop People2m
03.07 - Mindful Engagement as a Tool to Prepare for "Stretch" Experiences12m
03.08 - Mindful Engagement During the "Stretch" Experience8m
03.09 - Developing Talent Through Stretch Experiences1m
03.10 - Helping Build a Personal Board of Directors8m
03.11 - The Importance of Mentors and Sponsors1m
03.12 - The Power of Structured Reflection to Drive Learning10m
03.13 - Why You Must Be a Good Coach3m
03.14 - 6 Steps to Effective Coaching11m
03.15 - 7 Great Coaching Questions8m
03.16 - Recap: Developing and Coaching Your People4m
5 lecturas
Getting the Most Out of 70-20-104m
Make Time for Growth Assignments in Your Daily Work7m
5 Steps to Integrating Coaching into Your Talent Management Strategy6m
[Optional] Experience-Driven Leader Development
Unit Lecture Slides
1 ejercicios de práctica
Developing and Coaching Your People20m
4 horas para completar

Creating and Building a Robust Talent Pipeline

7 videos (Total 59 minutos), 4 lecturas, 3 cuestionarios
7 videos
04.02 - A3E2 Model5m
04.03 - Talent Management7m
04.04 - Preparing a Plan for Every Person11m
04.05 - Talent Engagement8m
04.06 - Human Capital Systems and Succession Planning10m
04.07 - People are Everything4m
4 lecturas
Talent Level Worksheets5m
Planning for Your Talent10m
Unit Lecture Slides
Post-course Survey10m
2 ejercicios de práctica
A3E2 Model Stories2m
Creating and Building a Robust Talent Pipeline20m
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por MBMay 12th 2017

Great lectures, important thinks pointed out. Not always is clear how important is taking care of employees. Without good HR management, whole business can struggle and not grow as could.

por KDJun 20th 2017

Thank you for the wonderful information and tools to keep me on track! I recommend for anyone in any type of a supervisory or leadership role whether in work or in a community setting.



Scott DeRue, Ph.D.

Edward J. Frey Dean at the Ross School of Business
Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business

Maxim Sytch, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business

Cheri Alexander

Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director Corporate Learning
Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business

Acerca de Universidad de Míchigan

The mission of the University of Michigan is to serve the people of Michigan and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, art, and academic values, and in developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future....

Acerca de Programa especializado Leading People and Teams

In this specialization, you will learn essential leadership skills, including how to inspire and motivate individuals, manage talent, influence without authority, and lead teams. In this specialization, you will not only learn from Michigan faculty. You will also learn directly from exceptional leaders including Jeff Brodsky, Global Head of HR for Morgan Stanley, and John Beilein, Head Coach of the University of Michigan Men’s Basketball Team. We will share with you our research on how to lead people and teams effectively, and work with you to apply these insights to your own teams and leadership. In every course, you will have an opportunity to apply new leadership skills by working through a series of practical leadership assignments. In addition, the capstone will enable you to work on live leadership challenges faced by senior leaders from premier Fortune 500 firms and receive their feedback on your ideas and solutions. Top students completing the Specialization will be eligible to receive one or more of the following: office hours with your faculty, one credit toward Michigan Ross’ Distinguished Leader certificate, a waived application fee to Michigan Ross graduate programs, or a LinkedIn recommendation/endorsement by Ross faculty....
Leading People and Teams

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