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  • Pedro Alvarez

    Enseñado por:    Pedro Alvarez, George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Charles Newell

    Enseñado por:    Charles Newell, Vice President

    GSI Environmental Inc.

  • David Adamson

    Enseñado por:    David Adamson , Senior Environmental Engineer

    GSI Environmental Inc.
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Fantastic course! Learn a lot.

There are lots of studies conducted on groundwater contaminant transport by using mathematical model. Mathematical models provide a framework for understanding the physical, chemical, and biological processes that determine the cycling of elements and compounds through the environment.

This course provide a basis for relating human activities and environmental impacts and thus for predicting the changes that might occur in response to alterations in the activities.

It is to be noted that so far no groundwater quality simulations study has been conducted for in our location along with river basin of area using mathematical models. The location areas are severely polluted due to discharge of effluent by the textile bleaching and dyeing units.

Hence mathematical modelling study is very essential to the under the system behavior and to take a decision on corrective and remediation measures. Visual MODFLOW is a well-established tool to study the groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

This course gives me idea of to do research on groundwater contaminant with new paradigms, technologies and different application.THANK YOU Professor.

It is an excellent course. I learnt a lot of new things which would be useful for me.

This course was really very well organized and comprehensive in its content. The lecturers are excellent expertise on the topic and they are very engaging. It is an absolute deal to take this course for those who are looking to advance their career in the area of subsurface pollutant remediation and research.


Worku J Negawo