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This course is designed to teach you the foundations in order to write simple programs in Python using the most common structures. No previous exposure to programming is needed. By the end of this course, you'll understand the benefits of programming in IT roles; be able to write simple programs using Python; figure out how the building blocks of programming fit together; and combine all of this knowledge to solve a complex programming problem. We'll start off by diving into the basics of writing a computer program. Along the way, you’ll get hands-on experience with programming concepts through interactive exercises and real-world examples. You’ll quickly start to see how computers can perform a multitude of tasks — you just have to write code that tells them what to do....

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31 de mar. de 2020

This course was really helpful in developing my coding skills in python.The exercises helped me to test my knowledge .Overall it was a really good for people like me who are just beginning with python


8 de jun. de 2020

An excellent course for those who want to boost their programming abilities on Python. It tackles diverse and challenging problems, for you to practice and round out every concept. Highly recommended!

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por Utsav A

19 de ago. de 2020

The majority of times the explanation was good and clear but at times it was too fast.

Assignments were a bit difficult as compared to what the explained in the sessions.

The instructor was good too and didn't make things boring for the students.

Overall good course!

por Ben S

7 de oct. de 2020

I appreciated the short videos and the learning environment, however the course examples given are way too easy compared to the graded material. Perhaps providing additional exercises that gradually increase in difficulty prior to graded quizzes would be helpful.

por Dave B

10 de feb. de 2020

It's a thorough introduction to Python, but the later assignments aren't scaffolded adequately. There needs to be more of a step-by-step approach to completing the required tasks. Too much is left out of the code templates that people new to Python wouldn't know.

por Darshak R

7 de oct. de 2020

Overall Nice to do this course with fun. something missing about some reality that should you give us to became a good developer and also should give some more examples related to real world tasks with python. Nice To finish this ....Hope to see next course soon

por Kit A

12 de abr. de 2020

The course is easy to follow but the videos are very short. Be prepared to spend a lot of extra time and research to be able to do the quizzes and exercises after watching the brief videos and documentation. Especially if you are a beginner like me.

por Andrea C

26 de ene. de 2021

I am really glad for this course but I found the pace of learning very uneven; the same amount of time is dedicated to very simple concepts and some rather intricate ones, the progression is exponential, assignments are not always clearly documented.

por Isha g

21 de may. de 2021

The course videos are great. They're quite easy, fun and interactive. But there are a lot of problems with the submission of assignments, quizzes or even labs for that matter. I have wasted a lot of time just reloading the page to resolve errors.

por Shashank C

8 de may. de 2020

The course was good but can be better , last project was pain in the a**. The upload button wasn't showing anywhere although I managed to solve the problem by doing it manually in the code. The course was good but the interface was not so much

por Jorge G

24 de oct. de 2020

It was complex to me, i needed to rewatch some of the videos and stop the course a week. Then i studied another python course from another instructor so I could advance in this one. I feel its too much info compressed in this videos

por Michael Z

13 de ene. de 2022

Its nice to accomplish something and get a Cert reflecting the hard work, but this course alone will be extremely tough to fully learn python for a true beginner. I enjoyed it. It was great. Just a little difficult at times.

por Aryan S

26 de jun. de 2020

This course is a great Kickstarter for anyone who wishes to learn Python. Important topics are covered in each module of the course, along with simultaneous coding environment helping the student to apply what they learnt.

por Tom M

28 de ene. de 2021

Please check out the feedback I provided along the way about failing to bring up concepts like tuples when first introduced, glossing over other topics that aren't mentioned, and the final project (which was very easy).

por Sean K A

27 de oct. de 2020

I'd much rather use my own IDE and submit scripts than work in ipynb on a browser where it's harder to test code. I feel like I could have skipped large portions of the course if only that were permitted.


5 de nov. de 2020

I have big problems, in the final projects, dont explain well about all the options and u need to search for your own, in my opinion this course need another week to explain all of these processes

por Chivon M

13 de abr. de 2020

I like the videos but it was a lot coding in the course test that was not discussed in the video...which made it more confusing. Other than that the video was interesting and keep your interest.

por John D

13 de feb. de 2021

A good introduction to python, but notebook environment and submittion is buggy. While this is frustrating to me, it would be even more so for someone with little to no experience with python.

por Sharestha D

22 de may. de 2021

I was only able to get through most of this with much more additional research on my end. None of this is intuitive to the extent that someone completely new to coding could easily understand

por Arpitha G R

20 de jul. de 2020

The course was good but the text in the certificate upon completion need to be modified as to have a good value(mentioning of score is required and "non-credit course" is not necessary).

por sameer K

17 de oct. de 2021

I believe the instructions could have been more clear, e.g - in the case of jyupter notebook files. Just state the problem and let the student solve it then if failed give them hints.

por M ?

28 de oct. de 2020

This course seems like it could be potentially useful with those with a knack for coding, but offers no support or personalized help for those who have a question on an assignment.

por Girish D K

10 de ago. de 2020

You should provide uploading detail for final code like steps to upload.

for coding final program it took 15 min but upload file took 2 hrs. So please add that in course

por Aitor L J

11 de jun. de 2022

El nivel debería ser más progresivo. En un principio resulta hasta obvio, pero luego, sin darte cuenta, sube el nivel y si no estás habituado, te puede sorprender.

por Дмитрий Г

6 de ago. de 2020

This girl with not funny jokes is total disaster. Blue haired Margo with sjw propaganda. Why this thing in educational materials? Sorry but not. Its not the best.

por Sherry M

20 de sep. de 2020

I enjoy the challenge of something new-- but I am "older" and am finding this difficult to continue; with so much effort. I will not continue after this course.

por Mohammad H

1 de jul. de 2020

It was an overall great course, but it gets difficult very quickly for a person with no programming background and is way more fast paced than you can think.