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Fechas límite flexibles
Restablece las fechas límite en función de tus horarios.
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Subtítulos: Inglés (English)

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Semana 1

4 horas para completar


4 horas para completar
11 videos (Total 96 minutos), 1 lectura, 2 cuestionarios
11 videos
1.1 Quantum Optics formalism in a nutshell7m
1.2 Quasi-classical state: Definition and elementary properties4m
1.3 Average field. Dispersion14m
1.4 Photon number8m
1.5 Photoelectric signals: fully classical4m
1.6 Transformation on a beam splitter11m
1.7 Single mode laser: an emblematic example6m
1.8 Freely propagating beam: shot noise10m
1.9 The standard shot noise formula: photocurrent fluctuations9m
1.10 Conclusion: more than a classical macroscopic limit of quantum radiation8m
1 lectura
Homework 1: Quasi-classical states of radiation2h
2 ejercicios de práctica
1.6 Graded quiz10m
1.10 Graded quiz2m

Semana 2

1 hora para completar


1 hora para completar
8 videos (Total 79 minutos)
8 videos
2.1 Multimode quantum optics in a nutshell10m
2.2 Multimode quasi-classical states: Poisson distribution of photons12m
2.3 Quasi-classical wave packet; case of less than one photon8m
2.4 Quasi-classical wave packet on a beam splitter11m
2.5 Beat note between two laser beams; heterodyne detection12m
2.6 Incoherent multimode radiation; classical vs quantum average13m
2.7 Beyond classical light4m
2 ejercicios de práctica
2.4 Graded quiz4m
2.5 Graded Quiz

Semana 3

3 horas para completar


3 horas para completar
10 videos (Total 111 minutos), 1 lectura, 4 cuestionarios
10 videos
3.1 Balanced homodyne detection12m
3.2 Quadrature components12m
3.3 Complex plane representation: quadratures, field12m
3.4 Squeezed state: definition, properties14m
3.5 Measurements below the SQL12m
3.6 Squeezing is fragile5m
3.7 Beating the SQL in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer22m
3.8 Beating the SQL in Gravitational Waves detection12m
3.9 A genuine quantum technology3m
1 lectura
Carlton Caves first paper about squeezed light10m
4 ejercicios de práctica
3.5 Graded Quiz30m
3.6 Graded Quiz30m
3.7 Graded quiz7m
3.8 Graded quiz3m

Semana 4

3 horas para completar


3 horas para completar
7 videos (Total 72 minutos), 4 lecturas, 4 cuestionarios
7 videos
4.1 Polarized one photon wave packet: an almost ideal two-level system12m
4.2 Pairs of photons entangled in polarization16m
4.3 How to understand the EPR correlations?13m
4.4 Bell’s inequalities: the possibility to settle the debate experimentally6m
4.5 Experiments: local realism untenable12m
4.6 Conclusion. Entanglement at the root of quantum technologies of the second quantum revolution2m
4 lecturas
Bell 1964 paper on inequalities10m
AA 2001 Bell theorem: the naive view of an experimentalist10m
AA 2015 Closing the door10m
AA 2003 Bell foreword: the second quantum revolution10m
4 ejercicios de práctica
4.2 Graded Quiz8m
4.3 Graded Quiz8m
4.4 Graded Quiz1m
4.5 Graded Quiz30m


Principales revisiones sobre QUANTUM OPTICS 2 - TWO PHOTONS AND MORE

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