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Business ModelingRenewable EnergyStartup CompanyEntrepreneurship

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Restablece las fechas límite en función de tus horarios.

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Sugerido: 6 hours/week...

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Subtítulos: Inglés (English)

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Welcome to the course

I’m so excited that you’re joining me for this adventure. My goal is to make the course real and tangible, with practical action items and case studies of success. In this introductory module, you will get to meet the instructor from Duke University and have a brief overview of the course. More importantly, have fun!

2 videos (Total 6 minutos), 1 reading
2 videos
1 lectura
Welcome to the Course!5m
6 horas para completar

Get Inspired — The Power of 3: Entrepreneurship + Green Building + Renewable Energy

In this module, you will reviews case studies of three award-winning examples of renewable energy and green building, including onsite videos. We discuss how entrepreneurship is a path for solving big problems that matter. Lectures illustrate that entrepreneurship is NOT just about startups -- it’s also about internal innovation at larger organizations. We also dive into some of the many business opportunities in renewable energy and green building.

7 videos (Total 66 minutos), 6 readings, 2 quizzes
7 videos
Intrapreneurship: Innovation from Within11m
Opportunities in Green Building Design9m
Financial Opportunities in Renewable Engery8m
Green Building Case Study: Cherokee Investment Partners12m
Renewable Energy Case Study: Strata Solar7m
Green Building Case Study: Nicholas School of the Envrionment6m
6 lecturas
Welcome to Week 1 of the “Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship”3m
The Importance of Entrepreneurial Thinking for the Green Building Industry7m
The Rise of The Intrapreneur12m
[References]: Green Building Global Status Report and World Green Building Trends 20161h
[References] Renewable 2016: Global Status Report45m
Green Features Tour: Duke University Environment Hall3m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Week 1 Quiz16m
5 horas para completar

Dive into Business — Real Opportunity. Real Challenges.

In this module, the instructor explains reasons for the significant growth in the renewable energy and green building sectors. We describe challenges and criticisms of both sectors, along with counterpoints and solutions. Finally, we discuss some of the struggles of entrepreneurship that must be overcome on this path of innovation and making positive impact at scale.

6 videos (Total 63 minutos), 5 readings, 2 quizzes
6 videos
The Logic Behind Renewable Energy8m
Inside Entrepreneurship: Benefits and Examples of Entrepreneurship10m
Inside Entrepreneurship: Criticisms of Green Building9m
Inside Entrepreneurship: Criticisms of Renewable Energy13m
Inside Entrepreneurship: Challenges in Entrepreneurship8m
5 lecturas
Welcome to Week 2 of the “Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship”1m
[References] The Business Cases for Green Building1h 10m
Additional Resources of Logic Behind Renewable Energy10m
Entrepreneurship: A Working Definition and More30m
The Top 10 Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs Today: Solved8m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Week 216m
6 horas para completar

Blast Off — Moving from Ideas to Business Implementation

In this module, the instructor provides tangible steps for generating, refining, and launching new business ideas, including tips for website, logo, advisory boards, and using helpful tools, such as the popular and dynamic planning and strategy tool called the Business Model Canvas. We also discuss how to think about building a team, because without one, your startup is just another job, not an enterprise.

7 videos (Total 72 minutos), 8 readings, 2 quizzes
7 videos
Generating Ideas for a Startup12m
Refining Your Vision9m
Using the Business Model Canvas7m
Building a Great Team8m
Financing Your Buisness9m
Launching Your Business10m
8 lecturas
Welcome to Week 3 of the “Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship”1m
23 Ways to Generate Startup Ideas10m
The Startup Framework to Validate Your Idea Before You Spend $18m
How to Conduct Market Reserach20m
The 20 Minute Business Model Plan: Business Model Canvas Made Easy20m
How to Build a Better Startup Team15m
How to Pitch to a Venture Capitalist15m
20 Things All Entrepreneurs Should Know About Angel Investors20m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Quiz 316m
18 minutos para completar


1 video (Total 3 minutos), 1 reading
1 lectura
60 Great Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs and Startups15m
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Principales revisiones sobre Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship

por DCDec 31st 2017

A really good immersion in the green architecture solutions to be best adapted nowadays and the the economic and entrepreneurial field understanding the business factor and the start-up process.

por RJul 4th 2017

The Green economy is receiving a big boost and the knowledge of starting a green economy industry for start ups is explained in easy language and swift manner. Good course indeed.



Chris Wedding

Nicholas School of the Environment. Founder and Managing Partner, IronOak Energy

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  • We will use short videos, readings, quizzes, reflection questions, and forums to digest, retain, and act on what you will learn. Most importantly, this course offers 3 different tracks from which learners can choose:

    Audit Track: You will have access to all the videos, readings, reflection questions and discussion forums. This will allow you to master basic course concepts. Passing the graded quizzes is not required.

    Certificate Track: In addition to the learning elements in the audit track, you will need to pass the graded quizzes in order to earn the certificate. The quizzes will allow you to test your mastery and understanding of the course knowledge.

    Honors Track with Recognition Certificate: In addition to everything in the Certificate track, there are additional readings and three small peer-reviewed projects. In these projects you will be asked to:

    1.Describe a business in renewable energy or green building

    2.Identify 2-3 problems to solve in these sectors

    3. Summarize your new business using the 1-page template

  • No. Completion of a Coursera course does not earn you academic credit from Duke; therefore, Duke is not able to provide you with a university transcript. However, your electronic Certificate will be added to your Accomplishments page - from there, you can print your Certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile.

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