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This course 'Unethical decision making in organizations : A seminar on the dark side of the force' will teach you how strong organizational contexts push good people towards unethical decisions. You will also learn how to protect yourself and your organization against such forces lurking in the dark. About the Course This course teaches how narrow frames and strong contexts can push good people towards unethical decisions and how they can protect themselves and their organization against ethical blindness. The goal of this course is to empower the participants to analyze the risks of unethical or illegal behavior that might be triggered by powerful contexts. It draws from various disciplines such as management, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and literature, in order to learn what these disciplines contribute to a better understanding of unethical behavior. The course also analyzes some of the most prominent organizational scandals of the recent decades through the lenses of these disciplines. Whenever we hear about ethical scandals, we tend to believe that unethical or illegal behaviour in organizations is driven by character deficiencies of individual actors. Put differently, we simply assume that bad things are done by bad people. However, numerous corporate scandals have demonstrated that even people with a high level of integrity can break the rules if they are put into a strong context. A better understanding of why and under what conditions good people make bad ethical decisions will enable us to better protect individuals as well as their respective organizations against the potentially overwhelming power of the context. It will also enable us to cure societies from problems like corruption. At the end of the course, you are able to: 1. Explain the impact of social context on individual decision making using various theories (from Management, Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy) 2. Apply these theories to the analysis of some of the most eminent organizational scandals of the recent decades 3. Assess risks of ethical blindness in your own organizational context 4. Design interventions to reduce such risks for yourself and your organization Recommended Background No background expertise is required. The course is open for interested layperson as well as experts who work on related topics, be it as researchers or practitioners (e.g., compliance managers in corporations). Why is this course important for me? Currently, the understanding of why good people make unethical decisions is rather limited, related research is rather fragmented, and the management of such problems in organizations is overly simplistic, legalistic, and inadequate. Understanding contexts, including the dangers of routines, the mindlessness of our daily decisions, and the healing power of mindful decision-making routines is of increasing importance. In this course, you will learn the latest knowledge and the appropriate tool box for dealing with ethical challenges that you will face throughout your life! What do I need to follow this course? We build bridges between various scientific disciplines and will familiarize you with those disciplines smoothly. You need no expertise, just come and share your own real-world experiences about unethical decisions. After all, we are all experts in making decisions—some more ethically, some less ethically—aren’t we?...

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Jul 30, 2017

i am faculty in an engineer college in vizag. I teach Professional ethics to the undergraduate student. Your course content is extremely useful. Thanks for provide great contents


Jun 09, 2018

amazing ideas, lots of all the things mentioned happen at my job and I didn't notice that they are so connected, unethical decisions are a big chain

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por Daniela b

Sep 26, 2019

Muito Bom !

por Anjum N S

May 07, 2020


por Hamza G

May 04, 2020


por Razia S

May 02, 2020


por M U

May 01, 2020


por Amina S

May 03, 2020


por Rabia A S

May 25, 2018


por Sue C

Mar 27, 2017


por david e

Mar 07, 2017

This course is well worthwhile. Its main objective is make you think about ethical issues, as opposed to making decisions in a rote manner. Their argument about ethical blindness is persuasive and it helps you to understand corporate behaviors that appear to be inconceivable (Enron, Ford Pinto, etc).

My hope was to learn more about guidelines for making corporate decisions that have internal economic costs or benefits, with associated external social benefits or costs. However, I was assured that this would not be possible in the confines of this course. But this course does make you hungry for more. Hopefully, this faculty will be able to offer a follow-up course in the near future.

por Kasia B

Sep 14, 2017

Very interesting course, as a lawyer I got another perspective on non-compliance. Appreciate the possibility to learn new things in an approachable and well structured manner.

por Gonzalo S d C S

Feb 12, 2017

Great course. Fantastic lecturers and the whole approach of the course on how to tackle important decisions when there is an ethical side.

por Muhammad B M

Dec 01, 2017

This course changed my perspective not just to the organization but to the whole world.

I strongly recommend it for almost anyone.

por Kostas P

Nov 15, 2016

Interesting and well structured course!

Started off great, felt like needed a boost in the end

Overall a valuable course

por Joy S

Jun 12, 2019

Has some pretty interesting ideas. The whole ethics thing sounds slipperier than one assumes.

por Sezin I

Dec 02, 2016

It was easy to understand, it has nice rityhm to follow

por scott s

Sep 20, 2016

Interesting concepts - but gets a little repetitive

por Joao F K A

Mar 22, 2018

Very professional and detailed content!

por Ieva S

Aug 28, 2017

Very interesting concept. Thank you!

por Priyank c

Jan 31, 2017

Really worth investing time into!!!

por Danilo N G

Feb 24, 2018

Guido as usual, outstanding!

por Mqirage M

Jun 28, 2019

good course, instructive .

por Sanchez-Moreno

Feb 02, 2017

The structure is not clear, with similar ideas coming up several times. Examples can be far-fetched (Britannica for ethical blindness ?). The teachers read the script and sometimes stumble on the words. An idea is explained in 3 minutes when 30s are enough. I am getting bored and very disappointed because it is a very important topics these days. I quit. Thank you anyways