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Inglés (English)

Subtítulos: Inglés (English), Chino (simplificado), Español (Spanish)

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Medical DeviceCost–Benefit AnalysisHealthcare Delivery SystemsEvaluationHealth Insurance
Los estudiantes que toman este Specialization son
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Scientists
  • Nurses
  • Business Developers

Cursos 100 % en línea

Comienza de inmediato y aprende a tu propio ritmo.

Cronograma flexible

Establece y mantén fechas de entrega flexibles.

Nivel principiante

Aprox. 7 meses para completar

Sugerido 4 horas/semana

Inglés (English)

Subtítulos: Inglés (English), Chino (simplificado), Español (Spanish)

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Hay 5 cursos en este Programa Especializado


Healthcare Marketplace

357 calificaciones
90 revisiones

Healthcare Delivery Providers

150 calificaciones
35 revisiones

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Innovations

256 calificaciones
58 revisiones

Medical Technology and Evaluation

153 calificaciones
33 revisiones



Stephen T Parente

Carlson School of Management, Department of Finance

Dr. Rahul Koranne

Carlson School of Management, Department of Finance

Bryana Mayer

Carlson School of Management, Medical Industry Leadership Institute

Eric Barrette

Director of Research
Health Care Cost Institute

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The University of Minnesota is among the largest public research universities in the country, offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional students a multitude of opportunities for study and research. Located at the heart of one of the nation’s most vibrant, diverse metropolitan communities, students on the campuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul benefit from extensive partnerships with world-renowned health centers, international corporations, government agencies, and arts, nonprofit, and public service organizations....

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  • ¡Sí! Para empezar, haz clic en la tarjeta del curso que te interesa e inscríbete. Puedes inscribirte y completar el curso para obtener un certificado que puedes compartir o puedes acceder al curso como oyente para ver los materiales del curso de manera gratuita. Cuando cancelas la suscripción de un curso que forma parte de un programa especializado, se cancela automáticamente la suscripción de todo el programa especializado. Visita el panel del estudiante para realizar un seguimiento de tu progreso.

  • Este curso es completamente en línea, de modo que no necesitas ir a un aula en persona. Puedes acceder a tus lecciones, lecturas y tareas en cualquier momento y cualquier lugar a través de Internet o tu dispositivo móvil.

  • There are four courses and one capstone course. Each course course will last approximately 4 to 5 weeks. The capstone is expected to be between 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Courses will run with cohorts starting approximately every two weeks.

  • This course covers the fundamentals of the healthcare marketplace at a beginners level. It is beginners level because no prior experience or courses in the healthcare marketplace are necessary, but it is a college-level course in which learners are expected to think carefully about conceptual and practical issues.

    The ideal learner will have at least two years of college experience, but college experience is not required.

  • Taking the courses in sequence is strongly recommended.

  • No. (Not at this time).

  • The specialization will help the learner understand the vast career opportunities in the multi-trillion dollar health care sector. Often, people understand a tiny piece of the healthcare market - most likely as patient. This specialization will give learners a holistic view of a complex and wealthy industry with literally hundreds of thousands of career openings every year. In terms of careers, better positions are available to those with a more strategic sense of the industry and what career arc they hope to achieve.

  • Online courses on health care management are not unique. However, this Specialization with its different components is different from other courses currently available for three reasons. First, no competing course provides as holistic a view of all the major sub-sectors of the healthcare market. Many focus exclusively on hospital or physician administration. Some talk of the mechanics of healthcare payment by insurers. Second, no other health care management course is so skilled oriented. The focus on market sizing and cost-benefit analysis - two very strategic abilities - is rare if not singular only to this offering. Finally, no program offers a capstone in valuing new medical innovation. New medical innovation drives the industry and is the clear expectation of any advanced society of what the medical industry should achieve at its best.

  • Yes, though relevant work experience is beneficial. The course material is most directly relevant to managers either working in or aspiring to work in the healthcare market. This industry has many components. The course is designed to give a landscape view of many critical parts ranging from health care delivery to financing and technology development. The context of the material is not limited to any particular occupations, industries, or regions.

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