Programa Especializado - Startup Entrepreneurship

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Programa Especializado - Startup Entrepreneurship

Creating a Startup from an Idea. Learn proven tools for startup entrepreneurs from the experience and wisdom of others.

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The Startup Entrepreneurship specialization focuses on issues of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. It leads the students through the entire process of creating a start-up from an idea. Part One deals with ideas, and the creative imagination: discovering new ideas, new products, new services, new and better ways to do almost anything. Part Two focuses on how to build a business (entrepreneurship). This course guides the learner through a series of tools and methods that help take an idea and make it happen, in a way that can sustain the business or organization that delivers it to humanity. Use this course to build a solid business or organization around the idea you developed during Part One. Part Three offers Innovation Career Lessons from a Master of proven achievements. During this course you will follow conversations and interviews with Dadi Perlmutter, who until recently was Executive VP of Intel Corporate, the highest ranking Israeli executive of any multinational company.

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  1. CURSO 1

    Cracking the Creativity Code: Discovering Ideas

    Sesión actual: Aug 13
    English, Chinese (Traditional)

    Acerca del Curso

    Skill at discovering new ideas, and delivering them, may be one of the most important practical job skills, in today’s and tomorrow’s job market. Creativity is an acquired skill, one that improves with practice. This course aims to empower individual
  2. CURSO 2

    From Idea to Startup

    Próxima sesión: Sep 3

    Acerca del Curso

    How do you implement ideas? This course provides practical proven tools for transforming an idea into a product or service that creates value for others. As students acquire these tools, they learn how to tell bad ideas from good, how to bu
  3. CURSO 3

    Innovation Career Lessons from a Master

    Sesión actual: Aug 13
    4 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week

    Acerca del Curso

    This course, which is Part Three in the series of Startup Entrepreneurship specialization, offers Life Lessons from a Master Innovator, with proven achievements. During this course you will listen to conversations and interviews with Mr. David (
  4. CURSO 4

    Action-Driven Business Plan: From the ‘Classroom’ to the World

    Próxima sesión: Sep 17
    English, Romanian

    Sobre el Proyecto Final

    "Action-Driven Business Plan: From the ‘Classroom’ to the World" is a capstone project, that requires you, our learner, to pull together all you will have learned in the three courses that comprise the "Startup Entrepreneurship" Specialization. This course


  • Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

    Technion is one of the top ranked universities in the world with a decisive impact and significant contribution in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

    The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is one of the world's top science and technology research universities. The Technion was founded in 1912 and its main campus is located in Haifa, Israel

  • Dadi Perlmutter

    Dadi Perlmutter

  • Prof. (Emeritus) Shlomo Maital

    Prof. (Emeritus) Shlomo Maital

    Prof. Shlomo Maital Sr. Research Fellow, S. Neaman Institute, Technion