Para quién es esta clase: Completion of this course requires introductory physics knowledge (qualitative understanding of concepts such as force, energy, etc.) and some basic math (basic algebra and geometry). To audit the course, no prior knowledge is required.

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  • Hitoshi Murayama

    Enseñado por:    Hitoshi Murayama, Director, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU), Todai Institutes for Advanced Study (TODIAS)

    MacAdams Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley
Compromiso2-4 horas/semana
English, Subtítulos: Russian
Cómo aprobarAprueba todas las tareas calificadas para completar el curso.
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Trabajo del curso

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fantastic course so helpfull

It gave me you a comprehensive and up-do-date vision of the state of the art on current studies in cosmology for a high school level audience. Very well done. Thank you, professor Murayama, for this unvaluable initiative. My science students, at elementary school, will benefit enormously from the knowledge I've got through your lectures. Greetings from Brazil. 8-)

interesting course

Just brilliant. This is one of the best Coursera courses I've ever done.