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DeFi and the Future of Finance is a set of four courses that focus on decentralized finance. The final course is called DeFi Opportunities and Risks. It is essential that you complete the first three courses: I. DeFi Infrastructure; II. DeFi Primitives; and III. DeFi Deep Dive before beginning the fourth course. The course starts with the premise that an analysis of any new technology must clearly gauge the risks and challenges. Given that DeFi is only a few years old there are plenty of risks. The course begins with the most obvious risk: smart contract risk. Smart contracts are foundational for DeFi. The code of these contracts is public - opening a clear attack vector for hackers. That is, in traditional finance, hackers need to break into a system to get access to the code and data. In DeFi, everything is open source.There are many other risks studied including: Governance risk; Oracle risk; Scaling risk; Decentralized Exchange or DEX risk; Custodial risk; Environmental risk; and Regulatory risk....

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por Mike M

23 de dic. de 2021

Excellent course! Highly recommended. I took this course as part of the four course specialization. Professor Harvey does an excellent job explaining many nuances to DeFi.

He uses a combination of powerpoint, visuals, analogies and case studies to make the content understandable. The professor teaches with clarity, and passion yet treats the subject fairly offering alternative points of view about the opportunities and risks of DeFi as compared to the current financial system.

I have been introduced to the cryptocurrency and DeFi space a little over 6 months ago. Since that time, I have "fallen down the rabbit hole" so to speak and cannot learn enough about it. These courses provide a strong foundation to explore further for personal investing, and or a career in the space.

Unlike the other courses I took on Coursera related to blockchain and cryptocurriencies (which were also pretty good), these courses felt much more up to date than the others. Being up to date in this space is essential because one year is like 10 years of another field in terms of innovation and how fast the landscape changes.

Specific to this course, it was really helpful to understand a broad overview of the opportunities and risks involved in the DeFi space both as an individual and as a society. I really appreciated the passionate call the action at the end of the course. Though I am watching the course through a screen it felt very authentic and inspiring. I am sure many people will be positively impacted as a result of this course being made available online.

por Riyanka G

17 de dic. de 2021

I think this is the first course I have ever taken where every single lesson was incredibly useful. I never felt like I wasted my time/ could have gotten the information from slides and instead truly felt the conceptual understanding build like legos throughout the course. I spent months before trying to piece this information from random resources and articles but this provided a true base/ conceptual understanding. I can't recommend it enough!

por Keith M

9 de dic. de 2021

The most life changing course I have ever taken! I could have skipped college and just paid for these lessons. I would be 100k richer! Explained with clarity by Dr. Harvey, I can see how DeFi will represent a whole host of opportunities for a more egalitarian financial sector and I will be a part of it thanks to this course.

por Earl J L

13 de dic. de 2021

Knowing all the risks and opportunities in the crypto space, we should be critical thinkers when we invest in tokens and NFT's. Nowadays scammers are everywhere and enhancing their plans to wreak havoc in the world of cryptocurrencies.

por Murray S

19 de dic. de 2021

Fantastic course. Professor Cam Harvey DeFi series on Coursera is essential learning for anyone wishing to know more about DeFi. Great range of topics and very useful examples. Best learning I have seen in this space.

por Mr K D K

20 de dic. de 2021

Cam is fantastic communicator, he is a master of explaining conceptual elements, but he has a breadth of technical and financial acumen that means he will go deeper into topics and apply them to the real world.

por Thomas C W

29 de dic. de 2021

E​xcellent overview of the opportunities and risks of DeFi as of the end of 2021. Look forward to helping define the future of DeFi based on the understanding gained from these courses.

por Andrew A

17 de ene. de 2022

Amazing course specialization! Take all four of these courses. Up to date as of early 2022, unlike the Consesnys course I took prior to this one.

por Prasannakarthik S

6 de ene. de 2022

Honest in detailing out the risks of DeFi

por Albert Y

28 de dic. de 2021

Excellent introduction to the DeFi Space!

por Jad B

2 de ene. de 2022

Simply excellent. Thank you very much!!

por Svarichevskiy R V

5 de dic. de 2021

​Controled risk is first in investments